Product Review 2021 – Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Echo Show 2nd Gen 3

We get to the pioneer of the smart display, the Amazon Echo Show. Here we have its all-improved 2nd Generation version that is pioneering the market for the best smart displays. Amazon Echo Show was the first of its kind that was a great evolution of the Echo speakers by adding a smart touch screen for providing visual info along with spoken answers to the questions asked to Amazon Alexa. As a first attempt, it did a decent job but there was a lot of room for improvement regarding its design, sound quality, and not so interactive touchscreen. But it was expected that Amazon gonna come with a major upgrade their new Echo Show. And they actually did with this 2nd gen model. It comes in a sleeker design, louder audio, and bundles of features for the same price as the last one.

Meet The Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is the Alexa-Enabled device, meaning you can control it with your voice. When it comes to this primary voice control feature, it easily stands out for having the best audio output in the market. You can experience a great session when you ask anything to Alexa and then visualize its response on the display. When asked, Alexa is good to show you recipes, sports updates, weather reports, and much more. You can also watch live sports and TV with Hulu, make hands-free video calls and messages to your loved ones, or see who’s there at the front door. It is also a hub for your smart home that allows you to control more than 2,000 smart home devices such as smart lights, thermostats, locks, and so on with the all-amazing Alexa. So enjoy the impactful response from Alexa, and it truly responds big.

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

The All-New Look

The Echo Show comes in a new fabric design with a vibrant 10.1” HD display. So you can enjoy your movies, videos, and live streamings in a much better frame. It gains a better aesthetic with the introduction of the premium speaker models. This version comes with a much friendlier look with its fabric design, color selection, rounded corners, camera setup, and a much larger screen.

Hands-Free Video Calls & Messages

The Echo Show makes it easy to keep your long-distance relationships alive. Make video calls to your FnF with Alexa, Skype, Echo Spot, or Echo Show. Also, send instant messages or voice calls staying hands-free. Connect to your home’s Echo Show instantly to make an announcement or check what the kids are doing.

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Alexa Show

It’s showtime with Alexa whenever you feel bored. You can watch the award-winning Amazon Prime Videos, enjoy third party streamings from Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, and even watch music videos in Vevo. Also, you can have a look at the news briefings, live TV shows, and sports with a subscription of Hulu. Plus, you can watch out the song lyrics and album arts in apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and more. And, listen to the audible audio-books as well.

A Great Assistant Too

The Echo Show is not only an amazing entertainer and communicator but also one smart assistant that is always ready to help. This companion can help you in your kitchen by providing step-by-step cooking recipes, set timers, and alarms, or update your shopping lists. This can also get you with the weather forecasts or calendars on the large screen, or make it a digital photo frame to enjoy the lovely moments with your family.

Echo Show 2nd Gen 4

Voice Control Your Smart Home

This is probably the smartest thing that Alexa can do. It can control thousands of your smart home devices like lights, security cameras, thermostats, and other Alexa supported devices. Simply ask her to brighten your kitchen lights or show the front door camera to check who’s at the door.

Moreover, it is compatible with the Zigbee Smart home devices that are easy to set up without needing any additional hub. All you need to do is just say, “Alexa, discover my devices,” and it will discover all the compatible devices and set them up for you so that you can manage them on your smart display.

There is more to its smart features, as there is the Alexa Guard feature that can give you smart alerts when the device detects the sound of glass breaking, smoke alarm, or carbon monoxide alarm. Your home stays safe even if you are away.

You can also explore 50,000+ skills in Alexa. Just say, “Alexa, help me get started with skills.” And it will allow you to play games like Jeopardy, meditate with Headspace, or enjoy one that you command. The skills can also be personalized for the best experience.

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Protects Your Privacy

This smart display by Amazon is designed to protect privacy. There are multiple protection layers to keep your device private. The Echo Show allows you to turn off the microphone and camera with one single press. You have control over your content as well. You can delete them whenever you want. The good news is you can also impose parental control for your kids to keep things restricted for them. The Amazon FreeTime in Alexa does that for you. It filters all the contents before getting them to your child because children’s privacy matters to Amazon. This app also allows the kid to enjoy content like audios, videos, live TV, and other kid-friendly content.

Overall Review

While diagnosing the user experience in every aspect of this smart display, we found out mostly its advantages over some insignificant drawbacks.

Some great ones to talk about. This version of the Amazon Echo Show smart display is a major upgrade over its original version, with its user-friendly design, a more functional and larger touch screen, and a powerful speaker system. When it comes to discussing its Alexa-powered Echo Show features like supporting immense entertainment apps, web browsers, or voice assistant features, there is nothing you can complain about. All-in-all, a great value product for the price.

There are some quirks. The major one being the fact that its screen supports only 720p video. Apart from that, there are some limitations to app compatibility as it doesn’t support apps from Facebook or Google. Also, there is a scope to improve the camera in the future.

The bottom line is, this smart display from Amazon is worth having for some good reasons like its better look, better sound system, and is much more functional for a great price. You can definitely consider it as one of the best smart displays available out there.

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