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Chi machine

Chi machines work by lightly stimulating your legs. Essentially, you’ll be placing your ankles within the Chi machine’s ankle cradles. It’ll lightly rock them sideways which motion will assist you to oxygenate & circulate your bloodstream efficiently through the body.

Because the oxygen circulates, cells absorb oxygen and toxins are removed. This is the way Chi machines produce feelings of rejuvenation within merely a couple of minutes. Some manufacturers declare that fifteen minutes of Chi machine me is the same as much as 1 hour 30 minutes of walking when it comes to oxygenation.

Many buyers we spoke to were highly skeptical however, broad most of them experienced a respite from signs and symptoms as diverse as ankle inflammation, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and customary back discomfort. Plus whether it does not meet your needs, you could return the gear for any refund.

This passive type of being active is good for individuals struggling with limited mobility due to discomfort or swelling and will help have the support and moving.

Our Top Pick: The Chi Vitalizer Machine

Overextended use, the Chi Vitalizer Machine’s manufacturers repeat the revitalizing machine can realign your spine, promote healthy bloodstream flow, effectively relax tight and sore back muscles, engaging the body in passive aerobic fitness exercise which will have positive benefits for the metabolic process.

One user we spoke to who had been struggling with difficulties with their craniosacral fluid had severe vision problems. He stated that during several days he’s experienced significant improvement in the capability to process motion as well as in his eyes’ functioning.

Another reviewer we interviewed purchased this Chi machine due to shateringly inflamed legs. They are saying that whenever utilizing it after they experienced significant reductions in discomfort and inflammation and today they travel by using it everywhere and employ it when needed.

Another buyer we interviewed acquired it for a senior relative who had severe mobility issues. Mostly, they were associated with Parkinson’s and joint disease issues. This user started to gradually incorporate the Chi machine into her relative’s existence at a very slow speed, progressively growing it to fifteen minutes at any given time.

Her seniors were relatively far less stiff compared to what they were once given that they started the Chi intervention, in a position to move his legs better, which symbolized an extreme improvement after classical Western medical alternatives had demonstrated ineffective.

The Best Chi Machines

The Chi Vitalizer Machine Review

If you’re searching for a way to alleviate your muscles discomfort, you might like to think about this Chi Vitalizer model. Users love it relaxes the rear muscles, energizes the nerve system, it’s simple to use and it has several speed settings. However, some customers have noted they didn’t feel any change after using this chi massage machine despite a couple of several weeks.

Produced in Taiwan, this chi fitness machine includes a size 16 x 11 x 14 inches, as well as an input of 110 V. They weigh 17 pounds, and overall, it appears a little overpriced and hard to hold around.

In general, the shoppers are pleased using the performance and also the results they achieved with this particular back discomfort fitness machine. One buyer shares it loosens in the muscles in the neck, spine minimizing the back, and that he feels better after each use.

Another pleased purchaser states this chi machine for back discomfort is seem sturdy, and that he would recommend it with no second thought, while one reviewer claims that the Vitalizer machine has some imperfections such as the speed control that couldn’t exceed eight.

But overall he feels far better, and he doesn’t have issues with his back any longer. However, some customers complain about the discomfort that returns after utilizing it, while one buyer states his fitness machine includes a strong plastic smell.


  • Speed control
  • Easy to use
  • Works quietly
  • 11 different speed settings


  • High-cost
  • Heavy to carry
  • No instructions for use
  • No weight loss effect

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The Sunpentown Healthy Swing Chi Machines Review

Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine

The Sunpentown healthy sewing machine is a stylish, well-made option appropriate for individuals that are looking to work out without stressing their backs or legs. What users love concerning the chi vibration machine is they can lie lower, benefit from the lightly swinging motions, and cope with their muscle discomfort. However, some observe that the footrests are manufactured from plastic and hurt their ankles.

With 14 different settings, this vibration fitness machine does 95-175 rotations in a moment and you may distinct programs from 5 to half-hour, and it has an easy-to-use handheld remote control along with a transporting handle. Additionally, it has a swivel disc and appears like the ideal choice if you wish to try the advantages of the chi machines.

Users mostly are happy with the performance, design, and effectiveness of the Sunpentown swing chi machine. One buyer shares that it is a terrific way to move the body without having done strenuous work. He loves this chi machine since it makes him feel refreshed and relieves all of the usual pains. Another purchaser comments the sewing machine is extremely helpful following a lengthy demanding day, also it makes him feel calm and relaxed. However, he didn’t notice any weight reduction after using a healthy chi machine.

Other users complain the vibration machine broke soon after several weeks, and something customer claims that the ankle area is simply too small, and this will make it painful to be used. Purchasers also didn’t make use of a lot of the swivel disk concerning weren’t any obvious instructions on how you can.


  • 14 different settings
  • Timed programs
  • Easy to use
  • Can be carried
  • Has a remote control


  • No instructions,
  • Arrived damaged
  • Complaints of ankle pain

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The U.S. Jaclean Chi Swing Machine Review

The U.S Jaclean chi swing machine is well-made, durable, and efficient if you wish to check out the advantages of a chi machine on your own. Users love this leg swing machine enables them to cope with arthritic back, achy legs, nerves spasms which it’s so simple to use it in your own home following a lengthy day’s demanding work. However, some observe that the ankle rests are uncomfortable.

This U.S Jaclean machine only has a one-speed option, a plastic ankle cradle, a variable timer, a handheld remote control and weighs ten pounds. Overall, it appears as though a great, reasonable product for back discomfort treatment.

One user claims that this is the best chi machine for relieving his achy legs and back. It is so relaxing, he can turn to sleep easily and with no usual discomfort. He’s extremely pleased to use the cost and also the daily results. Another customer expresses his satisfaction with the swing chi machine was able to alleviate his constant headache and also to improve his daily existence.

Also, customers notice elevated vitality and improved circulation. However, one buyer claims that the exercise swing machine was noisy, also it was challenging for him to unwind, while another comments that there’s no padding around the ankle rest, and it is painful to make use of.

Chi Machines


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable timer
  • Remote control
  • Light


  • Only 1-speed setting
  • Complaints of ankle pain
  • No padding

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What Are Buyers Saying?

Our favorite Chi machine may be the Chi Vitalizer. It is an 18-pound product whose manufacturers claim can effectively excite your supportive central nervous system, vertebrae, spine to assist provide discomfort relief connected with muscle, back, and neuralgia issues.

As well, they’re saying it can oxygenate your cells, assist to induce cell repair, refresh your time levels, strengthen your body to produce accrued toxins, improve your capability to prevent harmful infections, assistance to repair cells that are broken in addition to enhancing the efficiency of the metabolic process.

The makers state that to get began you need to start utilizing it at a slow speed for brief amounts of time. After several sessions, while you monitor the outcomes you obtain, you can start growing time along with the speed, all at your discretion.

Another Chi Vitalizer buyer stated that whenever careful research he wound up purchasing the Chi Vitalizer since it appeared the very best value as compared to the other available choices available on the market. He told us the ankle grips have quality padding, which they describe as essential, but you could supplement having a towel should you prefer a tiny bit more cushioning. He could easily incorporate the Chi machine into his existence because it takes only ten to fifteen minutes in the experience to feel discomfort respite from it.

Another reviewer we interviewed stated that originally these were skeptical and concerned about these Chi machines, but eventually they were dedicated themselves to diving in. They started utilizing it for ten minutes each day and rapidly observed that they are experiencing improved circulation and vitality when they were young to day lives. Additionally, they stated they did not have to rest or catnap as often as they were accustomed to, feeling a dynamic infusion that reduced problems with chronic tension and stress.

The Swing Master Chi machine was a choice we examined- it ships having a wired handheld remote control, includes variable massage speeds, a computerized shut-off 15-minute timer, and vinyl ankle cradles. Its manufacturers state that the swinging motion it offers powerfully improves user bloodstream circulation, helps you to tone your body through passive exercise, improves stress conditions as well as in general, promotes a feeling of overall well-being.

One buyer we interviewed wondered whether Chi machines work and made the decision ultimately to buy one simply because they had terrible back discomfort additionally to sinus congestion issues. They were spending a lot of money undergoing costly massages and determined that when they may find a less expensive alternative it will make sense to a minimum of test out it. After getting tried on the extender for just one week, this user states they experienced significant reductions in sinus congestion, back discomfort, and ankle bloating inflammation.

Another buyer we have spoken with was a senior man struggling with ms. Due to ankle discomfort issues were not able to work out much plus they purchased this specific chi machine to supply a type of passive exercise to assist with bloodstream circulation issues. After several uses, these were amazed at the results, stating that ankle swelling had dramatically reduced, getting reduced to very lower levels.

This user also states they experienced significant increases in stamina and, which they thought these were imagining, due to the ‘placebo effect’, however, the effects were real. They own a lot more energy to complete what must be done during the period of your day, that was a genuine surprise. When it comes to how this specific user employs their own Chi machine, he states that at first he tried on the extender at really low speeds for brief amounts of time, but during the period of a few days started progressively growing it until they’re almost in the greatest speed, for fifteen minutes, per session.

The Sunpentown Chi Machine was a choice we examined. Its 14 different speed adjustments, supplying 95 to 175 revolutions per minute, features a wired handheld remote control featuring auto time programs for straightforward interventions. Its manufacturers state that the device is ideal for supplying simple passive cardio that does not put any force on the body. All you need to do is lie lower, put your ankles within the cradles, and also the gentle rocking motion will make the proper chi balance within your body.

They will continue to say, that Chi describes the total amount from the night’s bad and the good forms within your body. Regularly utilizing their machine and it is relaxing movement massage helps to excite your person, supplying stress and relaxation benefits which have both short and lengthy-term positives. One buyer that people have spoken with stated they experienced benefits utilizing it to deal with fibromyalgia, diabetes in addition to improving metabolic process, however, they thought the cost was a bit costly.

This 65 senior describes the result as gentle and relaxing, and they could feel all the results within their mind using their ankles. The timers and intensity settings permit you to personalize the results to your demands, with this particular user counseling you simply begin gradually and build up to greater speed and time settings as you grow more knowledgeable. Another buyer states the effect is pleasantly strange- it creates feelings of relaxation and invigoration concurrently, finished passively, which is a necessity for people struggling with mobility impairments.

One reviewer who loves the machine, states the padding is useless on her, so she advises supplementing it with a few extra cushioning to make it an optimistic experience. Another suggestion she supplies was that whenever the Chi machine reduces, lay inside it for some time and you will see two to three minutes of tingling that they state may be the oxygen hurrying during your system. Too, performing some fundamental stretches after utilizing a Chi machine can offer great assistance. You can view some YouTube videos to determine some stretches that you can do within the prone position when you are within the finished condition from the Chi intervention.

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