12 Best Digital Temperature Controller: Reviews & Buying Guide

best digital temperature controller

What is the temperature controller? And why do we need that?  A Temperature Controller is a device that controls the temperature of a heating/cooling object precisely. It compares the object’s actual temperature with the desired set point for providing an output to the control element. It also calculates the amount of time the heater should remain switched on for maintaining a consistent temperature. In a digital temperature controller, you see all these results digitally on an LCD. Let’s make it a little simpler below if you’re still finding it hard to understand.

The digital temperature controller is a device used to control a wide range of heating and refrigeration processes. Let’s take a look at some examples. Its applications include pet breeding, incubation, fermentation, home brewing, accelerating germination, aquarium, electric oven, a lot more of these. Can you realize its importance after seeing its applications?! If you can, you must also realize how important it’s to get the best digital temperature controller for your sensitive applications. And that’s what makes us write this review guide for you. Here we’ve rounded up some of the customer’s favorite digital temperature controllers to narrow down your option. We hope you like the products and make a purchase suited to your needs. Let’s start!


How to Choose The Best Temperature Controller for Your Application?

Choosing the best temperature controller mainly depends upon the type of application you’re planning to use it for. Here we’ve mainly targeted the home users who need temperature controllers for simple applications. Considering this fact, there are a few things to look out for while selecting the best one. Some of the most important ones include the following:

  • The Number of Output Stage/Relay: Are you Cooling? Or heating? Or doing both simultaneously? If you’re doing one operation at a time, you’ll need a single-stage temperature controller; else, you’ve to check out a dual-stage one.
  • Ease Of Installation: The ease of installation is a factor for digital temperature controllers. There are options with plug-and-play designs, whereas you can go for less expensive hardwire-only options.
  • Specifications & Safety Features: Check out the product specifications of the digital temperature to know whether it’s compatible with your type of application or not. Also, check out the safety features like Compressor Delay Function if you’re dealing with compressor-related applications such as fridges or refrigerators.

How The Temperature Controller Works?

The temperature controller controls the temperature by first calculating the temperature of the connected element’s process variable. It then compares that value with the desired value or Set Value. The difference between these values is considered as an error or deviation. This error determines how much heating or cooling the controller should perform to bring the process temperature back to the desired one. That makes the controller produce an output signal to effect the change needed by the temperature controller. It then removes or injects the heat from the control element’s process or the object it’s connected to.

How to Set up The Wireless Thermometer for Measuring Temperatures?

To set up the wireless thermometer, you need to choose a suitable location within the base station range and have fewer obstacles between them. Also, make sure that it’s not mounted or placed in any location adjacent to an unwanted heating source like sunlight or structure.

List of The Best Digital Temperature Controllers

bayite Temperature Controller

FwhDigital Outlet Thermostat, Pre-Wired, 2 Stage Heating and Cooling Mode, 110V – 240V 15A

bayite Digital Temperature Controller 1650W

bayite specializes in the field of temperature controllers. Here we have its 1650W BTC211 Digital Temperature Controller, which is a fantastic option to start our list with. It’s an excellent thermostat for heating and cooling to cover a wide range of applications. It comes with some must-check-out features. Let’s take a look better at them below.

Simple & Convenient Design

The bayite BTC211 Digital Temperature Controller comes with a simple plug and plays design. So you can easily set it up. The device includes a four digital display supporting °C/°F read-out. It also allows you to read the decimal results when the temperature is more than a hundred, while the regular controllers have a three-digit display.

Product Specifications

The product comes with all the standard specifications you look into an excellent digital temperature controller. Its specs include a power supply of AC 110V 50/60Hz, NTC 10K Sensor Probe, Prove Length of 3m, Accuracy of +/- 0.5, and measuring range of 50°C to 100°C.

bayite Controller 1650W

Dual Relay Output

It’s one of the essential features of the bayite BTC211 Digital Temperature Controller. It allows you to connect with the cooling and heating devices simultaneously using its independent heating & cooling sockets. The thermostat provides a maximum output load of 1650W(110V).

It also comes with an essential Dual Display Window. So you’ll be able to see both the real-time temperature and the set temperature simultaneously.

Safety Measures

The bayite thermostat also ensures safety measures in the device. It comes with high & low-temperature alarms that ring once the temperature overshoots the desired temperature. Moreover, there are Temperature Calibration and Compressor Delay Protection Time Settings available for maximum convenience of the users. The extra-long waterproof probe sensor also adds to the safety measures. The manufacturer also backs their product with a convincing warranty policy.

Wide Range of Applications

It includes a wide range of applications, making you sure that it doesn’t miss out on your one. The most common uses include home brewing & fermentation, pet breeding, incubation, seedling heat mat, aquarium heating, accelerating germination, and so on.

What Customers Say


  • No overheating.
  • Accurate Temperature Sensors.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Convenient readout
  • Safe operation


  • Lack of target temperatures.
  • Limited useable power range.

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WILLHI WH1436A Digital Temperature Controller

10V Digital Thermostat Switch Sous Vide Controller NTC 10K Sensor Improved Version

WILLHI WH1436A Digital Temperature Controller

The next up on our list is the WILL WH1436A Digital Temperature Controller. It comes with an improved, user-friendly design and excellent product specifications allowing you to use it for a wide range of applications. Here we’ll take a better look at this digital thermostat below.

Improved Design

The manufacturers come with an improved design with their WILLHI WH1436A digital temperature controller. It includes simplified operation, standard US outlet, waterproof sensor probe, and large power and more comprehensive control range.

It’s a plug-and-play device without any hassles of wiring. The thermostat helps you to keep the temperature in the desired range. Just turn it on at a set degree and switch it off at another selected degree.

Heating Or Refrigerating Mode

WILLHI WH1436A is a 1-stage digital temperature controller with a heating & cooling socket. You’ve to switch between the heating and refrigeration mode according to the machine you plug into it. It provides a maximum load of1100W at 110V. The outlet isn’t compatible with two hotlines of 220V plug.

Product Specifications

WILLHI WH1436A Digital Temperature Controller comes with all the standard product specifications. It’s powered by AC 110V 50/60Hz W/ NEMA 5-15 AC Plug. It has a Relay Contact Capacity of 10A with a measuring range of -58° ~ 230° F or -50° ~ 110° C. The temperature resolution is 0.1, the control resolution is 0.1, and has an accuracy of 0.5. The Sensor Cable is 3m long, and the Power Consumption is 3W. The product also includes thoughtful size dimensions of 4.9×3.6×1.8 inches (12.5×9.1×4.5cm).

WILLHI WH1436A Temp Controller

Safety Features

There’s more to the safety features of this digital thermostat. It comes with high and low-temperature alarms that ring once the temperature exceeds the desired temperature. The auto shut-off time is also a plus to the device. It turns off the load once the specified minute countdown is zero.

It also includes features like Temperature Calibration and Compressor Delay Protection Time Setting. The device also stores settings after getting powered off.

Convenient Digital Display

The convenient digital display is another plus to this temperature controller. It provides both Celsius(C) and Fahrenheit(F) unit read-out. It also includes a four-digit display allowing you to read decimal numbers when the temperature is more than 100, while the traditional ones come with a 3-digit display.

Wide Range of Applications

There are a lot of applications that this digital temperature controller covers. You can use it for home brewing, seedling heat mat, aquarium, incubation, pet breeding, fermentation, electric oven, accelerating germination, etc.

What Customers Say


  • Plug and Play design.
  • Heating & cooling working mode.
  • Waterproof sensor.
  • Digital read-out in both the F and C units.
  • Advanced protection features: temperature alarms and compressor safety timeout.


  • Limited power rating.
  • 1-stage heating & cooling option.

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Inkbird ITC-1000 Temp Control Thermostat

Dual Stage Digital Temperature Switch Controller ℃ ℉ Display Heating Cooling Relay NTC Sensor 3D Printer Freezer Fridge Hatching 110 Volt

Inkbird ITC 1000 Temp Control Thermostat Digital Temperature Controller

Inkbird ITC1000 All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller is a great addition to our list. It’s one of the most popular digital thermostats for the price. It’s a simple, accurate, inexpensive DIY temperature controller that you must check out here.

Dual Stage Temperature Controller

The ITC-1000F is a 2-stage digital temperature controller. It can heat and cool simultaneously using two different sides of a standard electrical relay. In the heat mode, the controller turns on when the temperature is under the SET temperature and turns off when above it. In the case of cool mode, the device turns on when the temperature is over the SET temperature and turns off when it’s below that. It also allows you to switch between  Celsius & Fahrenheit displays.

A Safety Device For Different Applications

The Inkbird ITC-1000F is a popular machine used as an Automatic Temperature Control System and Over-Temperature Protection for different electrical appliances. Some of these applications include the aquarium, home-brew, incubation, pet breeding, terrestrial heat control, oven temperature control, culture fermentation, electric radiator, electric oven, accelerating germination, and so on.

Inkbird ITC 1000 Temp Control Thermostat

Right Safety Measures

It comes with the right safety measures providing the users with a real sense of safety. An audible alarm rings once the temperature exceeds the set temperature or any sensor error is encountered. It includes a thicker temperature probe & wire. For more convenience and safety, it also comes with Temperature Calibration and Refrigerating Control Output Delay Protection.

Convenient Operation

The ITC-1000F is an easy-to-program temperature controller. It works uninterruptedly once set up. The device supports both the Fahrenheit & Celsius Display and gives users the chance to switch between them easily. All in all, it’s easy to control the temperature by Setting the Temperature Set Value & the Difference Value.

Excellent Product Specifications

This Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller comes with all the standard product specifications that you look into a good one. It comes with a 2m long NTC Sensor. The device is powered by 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz, and 12Vdc. Its Power Consumption is less than 3W, the Temperature Measuring Range is 50°C~99°C / -50°F~210 ° F, Temperature Resolution is 0.1 ° C / 0.1° F​, and Measuring Accuracy is ±1°C.

What Customers Say


  • Very accurate.
  • 2-Stage temperature controller for heating & cooling.
  • Easy to set values.
  • Advanced features include adjustable delay and audible alarm.
  • Low price.

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Inkbird WiFi Temperature Controller ITC308

Reptile Freezer Thermostat Digital Heating and Cooling Heater-Cooler Greenhouse Plug Outlet 2 Stage 1100W 110V

Inkbird ITC308 WiFi Temperature Controller ITC308

It’s time to introduce the smartest temperature controller from the smartest brand around – the Inkbird ITC308 Wifi Temperature Controller. It comes with the most convenient features while allowing you to use it with a mobile application. There’s more to explore about this temperature controller here.

WiFi & App Control

What makes the ITC-308 a smart controller is the inclusion of WiFi and mobile application features to it. It supports a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, and you only need an updated Android or IOS phone to get started. Then you can download the “InkbirdSmart” App that’s able to monitor the real-time temperature at any time. You can also change the parameters and check the history date using this app.

Dual Stage Controller

This Inkbird temperature controller comes with a dual relay output that can simultaneously connect your heating & cooling device. It has separate heating & cooling outlets for that.

Convenient Design

Aside from the WiFi & App, there’s more to its convenient features. It’s a plug-and-play device that’s easy to set up. Changing the values is also easy with this device. There’s a convenient LCD that provides both ℃ & ℉ readouts. The maximum output load of 1100W should suffice for a lot of your applications.

Inkbird ITC308 WiFi Temp Controller

Safety Measures

There are some proper safety measures included in the Inkbird smart digital temperature controller. It comes with a high & low-temperature limit setting alarm that helps the users know once the temperature exceeds the limit. The Temperature Calibration & Waterproof Sensor also make it a safe device to use.

Device Specifications

This machine’s power specification includes 100~240Vac,50/60Hz, 10A current, and maximum wattage of 1200W. Its temperature measurement range is 40℃~100℃ or -40℉~212℉, and the temperature display accuracy is 0.1℃ /℉(<100℃/℉), 1℃/℉(>=100℃/℉).

Wide Range of Applications

ITC-308 WiFi temperature controller is an ideal option for controlling fermentation temperature. It’s also a good choice for the lovers of a homebrewer, salt meat, sausage, etc. It works great for pet breeding, incubation, and other similar applications. Maintaining the ideal temperature for these applications is now in your hands, in your mobile app, to be precise.

What Customers Say


  • Smart, WiFi Digital Temperature Controller.
  • The convenience of using the mobile application.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Excellent for controlling brewing and fermentation temperature.
  • Accurate & easy to program.
  • Convenient & Safe.


  • Irreplaceable probe.

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UMLIFE Store 2PCS Temperature Controller Module with Case

XH W1209 Display Digital Thermostat Module with Waterproof NTC Probe -50~110℃ Electronic Temperature Temp Control Module Switch

UMLIFE 2PCS Digital Temperature Controller Module with Case

2 Pcs Digital Temperature Controller Module with Case at only $10! Yes, you heard it right. The UMLIFE Store brings you a wonderful opportunity to grab this pair of electronic temperature control modules at such a reasonable price. Why wait for more! Check out its features right here.

Incredibly Low Cost, Highly Functional

UMLIFE Store’s W1209 temperature controller is an incredibly low-cost module with highly functional features that can intelligently control the temperature of most types of electronic appliances. It works based on sensing temperature using its highly accurate NTC temperature sensor. It includes an embedded microcontroller, but the good news is it doesn’t require any programming language to get going.

Convenience of Use

Three tactile switches allow for configuring different parameters, including On/Off trigger temperatures. There’s also the Monochromatic Paper Instruction Manual that tells you about the parameters and how you should use them. Talking about the parameters, there are quite a few, including Cooling/ Heating, Hysteresis Setting, Highest Setting Limit, Lowest Setting Limit, Temperature Correction, Delay Start Time, and High-Temperature Alarm. Please see the instructions to know more about the range, default values, and the buttons (P0-P6) to change the respective parameters’ values.

Digital Display

It’s a 2-pack module, where each of the devices comes with a degrees Centigrade display to show the current temperature in a three-digit seven-segment figure. There’s also a single screen, onboard LED to display the current relay state of the module. With this digital display, you know what you’re doing.

2PCS Temp Controller Module with Case

Other Technical Parameters

Wondering if W1209 includes all the standard product specifications at such a price! Well, you’ll be glad that it does. Its Temperature Measurement Range is -50~110℃.,Control Precision is 0.1℃; Input Power is 12Vdc, Measuring Inputs are NTC (10K 0.5%), Waterproof Sensor is 0.5M, Current Capacity is 10A, Power Consumption is 35mA – 65mA, and has a single Channel Relay Output. And yes, there’s a case with each of the devices.

Perfectly Functional

The W1209 Thermostat Module Controller comes with some incredibly functional features. It comes with a sensor input, operational keys, a relay, and a convenient LED display. So you can operate both in heating and refrigeration to easily control devices and equipment. There’s a microprocessor that controls the output electronically so that you can get the highest precision of intervention and a fantastic resolution of reading temperature. The waterproof NTC Probe allows perfect control over the temperature.

Many Uses

Although it’s a simple digital temperature controller, it includes many uses. You can use it for fermentation, brewing, incubation, control fan or heater, etc. If you’re up for small-scale applications, look no further and grab this digital temperature controller right here.

What Customers Say


  • Simple design.
  • Easy to read and use.
  • Convenient digital display.
  • Standard specification & features.
  • Meager price.


  • Only celsius reading.
  • 1 channel relay with a limited power capacity.

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Elitech STC-1000 Temperature Controller Origin Digital 110V Centigrade Thermostat 2 Relays

Elitech STC 1000 Digital Temperature Controller

Elitech STC-1000 Temperature Controller is another elite option to include in the list. It’s a safe and reliable thermostat that allows you to set an ideal temperature range as you desire. There’s more to talk about this item; check that out below.

Solid Design

Elitech STC-1000 comes with a solid and practical design. It’s a pre-wired temperature controller that makes it easy to set up. It includes flame retardant ABS for the Plastic Shell. It’s a quality device that has passed the EMC Anti-Interference Test and conforms to CE Certification and RoHS Standard. So you can expect the maximum stable and reliable performance.

Standard Technical Parameters

It comes with all the standard technical parameters. Some of these include its Power Supply Specs of 110 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz Power Supply; Control Resolution of 0.1℃; Accuracy of ±1℃ (-50℃~70℃); Sensor Error Delay Time of 1 min, Power Consumption of < 3W; NTC Sensor, and Current Capacity of 10A. Besides, it comes with thoughtful size dimensions to make it even more convincing.

Right Safety Measures

The Elitech STC-1000 comes with all the standard safety measures as well. It includes an alarm and parameter setting. So you’ll have both audible & visual alarms activated once the temperature exceeds the desired level or sensor error occurs. Moreover, there are Temperature Calibration and Refrigerating Control Output Delay Protection features to help you avoid any mishaps.

Elitech STC 1000 Temp Controller

Convenience of Use

The convenience of use is important when it comes to the temperature controller. It allows you to set the parameters easily. There’s a LED Celsius readout for user convenience. You can also save the set parameter when the device is powered off. The parameters are set to default after a short circuit.

Wide Uses

Elitech All-Purpose STC-1000 Thermostat Temperature Controller works perfectly with the applications that require auto conversion of cooling & heating modes to keep an ideal temperature range for the equipment. It covers a wide range of appliances like water tanks, domestic freezers, industrial chiller, boilers, refrigerators, steamers, and other temperature-controlled devices.

What Customers Say


  • Excellent for applications like home brewing, fermentation, etc.
  • Easy to use with a highly visible display.
  • Versatile in-line thermostat switches
  • Highly accurate.
  • Safe use.


  • Lack of clear instruction manual.

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iPower 2-Pack Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

40-108 Degrees Fahrenheit Warming Pad Temperature Controller for Germination, Seedlings Rooting, Brewing, 2 Pack White

iPower 2 Pack Digital Temperature Controller Heat Mat Thermostat

iPower 2-Pack Digital Heat Mat Thermostat is another top-rated digital temperature controller to check out. You really can’t get over its amazing features at such a reasonable price. Let’s take a better look at it below.

High-Quality Construction

iPower 2-Pack digital temperature controller is a high-quality product. It comprises extra-fortified plastic and solid components that won’t rust or malfunction following any harsh conditions. The long and durable power cord and probe cord can serve almost any application with maximum convenience.

Standard Parameters & Specifications

It comes with all the standard parameters and specifications you look into for a good temperature controller. The technical parameters include the Temperature Control Range of 40-108°F, Temperature Display Range of 32 -140°F, Voltage Rating of 120VAC 60Hz, and Max Loading of 8. 3A 1000W.

The product dimension is 4.33” x 2.23” (H x W), with a probe length of 6 ft and a power cord length of 5.75 feet.

iPower 2 Pack Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Easy to Use

The iPower dual pack is an easy-to-use temperature controller. You can set temperature or change the display easily on Fahrenheit or Celsius scale in seconds. All you need to do is simply use three buttons. There’s a LED indicator light that allows you to see its status even at night.

Variety of Uses

The Power Dual Pack Temperature Controller includes a variety of uses. By regulating and maintaining the desired temperature within the range of 5°C-42°C or 40°F-108°F. It controls the temperature in warmer or colder environments. And that makes it compatible with most of the heat mats. It’s a perfect device to control the temperature for applications like fermentation, brewing, seed germination, reptiles, seedlings rooting, and more.

What Customers Say


  • Great value product.
  • Precise and accurate.
  • Dual pack.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Reliable and safe operation.


  • Room for improving temperature calibration.

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Briidea Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat

Heating and Cooling Mode for Seed Germination Reptiles Homebrew Greenhouse 2-Stage Outlet 3600W 30A

 Briidea Digital Temperature Controller

What is Briidea Digital Temperature Controller? It’s a total combination of powerful functions, easy installation, simple design, and convenient operation. And be sure to check it out as it covers a lot of your applications!

Powerful Function

Briidea Digital Temperature Controller has some really good features to take care of heating and cooling devices. It comes with dual outputs, allowing you to simultaneously connect with both a heating and a refrigeration unit. There are separate outlets so you can maximize its uses with power up to 3600W.

Convenient Display

It comes with a Dual Display Window. Well, this is what you call a special feature when it comes to user convenience. With its PV or SV display window, it can show all the required parameters & information. Besides, it supports reading in both the Centigrade and Fahrenheit units.

Easy to Install

Briideal Digital Temp Controller is an easy-to-install device. It includes two installation methods. One includes pasting it with the traceless glue that means perforation free in the wall, and the other includes fixing the device using the expansion valve & nail. Whichever method you choose, it’ll fix the thermostat securely attached to the wall.

Briidea Temperature Controller

Simple Design, Convenience of Use

The simple design and convenience of operation is other essential feature of this thermostat. Simply plug it in the wall socket and then plug your appliance into it. Then let the thermostat track the temperature of the surrounding place where you put the probe. Finally, see it conveying the orders to your electrical appliance.

Multifunctional Applications

The Briideal thermostat is a widely used temperature controller in applications such as a greenhouse, home brewing, accelerating germination, kombucha, fermentation, greenhouse plants, aquarium, terrarium, incubation, and so on.

More Features

There are more to its features list. It comes with a high/low-temperature alarm limit setting. When the measured temperature exceeds the high/low limit, the alarm is activated. The users can set the display unit in C or F and can easily switch between them.

What Customers Say


  • Dual output.
  • Large current capacity.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe operation
  • Covers a wide range of applications.


  • Lack of clear instructions.
  • Supports whole degrees only.

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KETOTEK STC-1000 Digital Temperature Controller

Thermostat 110V 2m Waterproof Sensor Heating Cooling LED Temp Control Relay Incubator

KETOTEK STC 1000 Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat 110V

Keep the temperature in your desired range with the amazing KETOTEK STC-1000 Digital Temperature Controller. This dual relay machine comes with all the standard specs and features you look into a perfect temperature controller. Let’s find out more about this item here.

Standard Technical Parameters

KETOTEK STC-1000 is another digital temperature controller 110V version. It comes with all the standard technical parameters you expect in a good temperature controller. Its temperature measuring range is -50°C~99°C, Control Resolution is 0.1 ° C; Accuracy is +/- 1°C; Sensor Error Delay is 1 minute, Power Supply is AC/DC 110V, Power Consumption is <3W; Sensor is NTC 2m Waterproof Sensor; Dual Relay Capacity of 10A/250VAC.

The package includes a Temperature Controller, a Temperature Sensor, and an Instruction Manual. There’s also a convincing warranty and guarantee policy for maximum convenience.

Highly Accurate

It keeps the temperature of your application in the desired range with sheer accuracy. The On/Off control mode allows you to turn on the device at a set degree and turn it off at another selected degree. Utilizing its STC microcontroller and NTC probe, you can achieve a guaranteed high accuracy.

KETOTEK STC 1000 Digital Temp Controller

Dual Relay Output

The KETOTEK STC-1000 is a Dual Relay Temperature Controller that works as a heater and a cooler at the same time. Now you won’t have to change wiring between your heater and cooler frequently. It comes with 2 relays that can let wire 2 appliances simultaneously.

Excellent Construction & Safety Measures

It’s solidly built and comes with the right safety measures required in a good digital temp controller. There’s a 2m waterproof temperature probe to help you use it in the moisture and wet environment. It comprises ABS heavy-duty, anti-flaming plastic shells.

It also includes a Compressor Delay Protection, and Security Alarm activated once the temperature exceeds the desired limit. And these features ensure the best safety guarantee for this device.

Wide Applications

You can use The KETOTEK STC-1000 temperature controller for endless applications. Some of these include fermentation, home brewing, reptile tank, incubation, accelerating germination, fridge seedling heat mat, and so on.

What Customers Say


  • Easy to use and hook up.
  • Dual-stage output.
  • Solid construction with the right safety measures.
  • Excellent for applications like fermentation.
  • Great budget temp controller.


  • Lack of clear instructions.

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DIGITEN Digital Temperature Controller

Simple Stage Thermostat Outlet Heating & Cooling Mode for Chest Freezer Refrigerator Homebrew Fermenter Greenhouse 110V 15A 1650W

DIGITEN Digital Temperature Controller Simple Stage

Looking for a simpler yet highly accurate temperature controller? Check out the DIGITEN Digital Temperature Controller. It’s a high-quality and high-accuracy device with all the standard features. Learn more about this product below.

Standard Specifications

There’s something to talk about its standard specifications. The Digiten Temp Controller’s Power Supply is 100-240VAC 50/60HZ, Max Output Load is 1650W@110V, 3000W@220V, Max Current Capacity is 15A, Temperature Measuring Range is -40~120℃ or -40~248℉, Temperature Resolution is 0.1℃, 0.1℉, Temperature Accuracy is ±1℃ or 1℉, and the Sensor Type is Waterproof NTC Sensor.

High Accuracy

Talking about a highly accurate temp controller, and here you have the Digiten Digital Temp Controller. Its temperature sensor consists of silicone and is waterproof with a high-quality build. It provides consistent optimal temperatures to keep the environment at the temperature you desire.

There’s also a temperature correction feature that allows the users to adjust measured accuracy based on different probes.

Easy to Use & Program W/ Large LCD Screen

The Digiten is an easy-to-use temperature controller. There’s a glare-free, eye-protected, convenient large LCD screen. It supports both the °C/°F display, making it easy to read and program. The device includes 2-step settings to accommodate your application, and you can use it for either heating or refrigeration mode.

DIGITEN Digital Temperature Controller

Convenient Design

The Digiten temp controller is a handheld device. It has a consistent appearance with the principle of action and ergonomics. The device comes with a standard U.S. outlet consisting of a simple Plug and Play design. The device case includes a fireproof ABS material for superior human engineering. Besides, it has a long sensor, input power cable, and output power cable for maximum convenience.

Excellent Safety Features

There are some excellent safety features of this fantastic device. It comes with the Delay Starting Protection to protect the cooling compressor lifetime by avoiding the compressor to start frequently. There are also high & low-Temperature Alarms available to help users know once the temperature exceeds the set limit. The Sensor Fault Alarm also informs you in case of any sensor error.

Multifunctional Use 

The Digiten is a multifunctional temperature controller that comes with a solid warranty policy. You can use it for home wine/beer brewing, fermentation, incubation, aquarium, boiler operation, greenhouse, space heating, seedling heat mat, growing tent, and so on.

What Customers Say


  • Easy to use.
  • High accuracy.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Safe operation.
  • Convenient LCD screen.


  • Temperature setting is time-consuming.
  • Single-stage, only AC temp controller.

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SCGK SC-1820 Temperature Controller

-58~230°F/110V/1650W/15A Digital Thermostat Switch Reptile Thermostat Waterproof Probe NTC Sensor for Greenhouse Homebrew Incubation

SCGK SC 1820 Digital Temperature Controller

The new SCGK SC-1820 makes it to our top chart for the best digital temperature controller. It comes with solid quality and includes all the essential features to make your temperature controlling experience a lot more efficient and easier. Let’s have a better look at this item below.

Highly Compliant

SCGK SC-1820 Digital Temperature Controller has UL Certification for its high-quality construction. The 14AWG power cable includes a top-quality copper wire that can load large currents. It includes a standard U.S. outlet and a Waterproof Temperature Sensor. There’s also Smart IC Chip – a Built-in Intelligent Protection System to provide Short Circuit Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, and Overheating Protection. There’s more to its certifications list; it’s complied with some of the highest electronic certification standards in the world, including European CE and Japanese PSE.

Standard Product Specifications

This temperature controller comes with all the standard specifications. It has Power Supply Specs of 100~130 VAC, 50/60HZ; Max Output load of 15A (1650W @110V); Probe Measurement Range of -50~110 ℃/-58~230℉; Temperature Accuracy of 0.1, and Power Consumption of <3W. It’s a single-stage temperature controller with Heating or Cooling working mode.

Excellent Safety Features

The SC-1820 comes with some real safety features. Its safe overcurrent breaking design is one of them that can switch off the heater or cooler automatically once the appliance encounters a short circuit. It also includes an Auto Shut-Off Time and a Built-in Time Delay Feature to protect the devices from excessive On/Off toggle. There’s a Temperature Calibration Correction feature along with the High & Low-Temperature Alarm that lets you know when the desired limit is exceeded. So your target stays safe from the malfunction of any probes.

SCGK SC 1820 Temp Controller

Easy to Use

It provides great convenience of use. There’s a SET button for menu settings and entering a parameter. It also includes a convenient Power Button and Up/Down Navigation Button. You can save the setting for around 10 years without power. And get your devices turned On & Off at desired temperatures.

To enhance your user experience, there’s a bright digital display window. It supports reading with both the Centigrade & Fahrenheit units. And you can easily switch between these units.

Wide Applications

The SC-182 Thermostat is widely used to control different refrigeration & heating units. You can use it for applications such as pet breeding, seedling heat mat, incubation, accelerating germination, refrigerator, home brewing, fermentation, aquarium, Smoker & BBQ, etc. So it can hardly miss out on the compatibility to any of your applications.

What Customers Say


  • Excellent consistency.
  • Solid and certified construction.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reliably accurate.
  • Safe operation.

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XH-W3001 Digital LED Temperature Controller Module

Thermostat Switch with Waterproof Probe, Programmable Heating Cooling Thermostat (12V 10A 120W)

UMLIFE Digital LED Temperature Controller Module

Remember UMLIFE Store? It should’ve left a mark in your mind with their UMLIFE Store 2PCS Temperature Controller Module, a great value product with all the excellent features. Guess what they have for you this time! Well, it’s an, even more, low-cost digital temperature controller pricing less than $10. And yes, it includes everything you can expect in a simple temp controller module. Let’s give it a better look below.

Dual Work Mode

What could be better than having a dual working mode temperature controller at such a price! Truly Amazing! Now you can utilize the Heat & Cooling Mode by setting up the start temperature less and above the stop temperature, respectively. Don’t miss to check out the E-manual pictures to know more about how to operate this device.

Convenient Display

The UMLIFE’s XH-W3001 temp controller module comes with a convenient display. It includes a LED Indicator Light to display the active output status of the device. Its digital display tube also shows measuring temperature and the high accuracy of measuring and controlling this temperature.

UMLIFE Digital LED Temperature Controller

Standard Product Specifications

The XH-W3001 comes with standard product specifications. Some of these include its Temperature Measurement Range of -50~110℃; Temperature Control Range of -50~110℃; Temperature Control Precision of 0.1℃; Measuring Input of NTC10K 1m waterproof probe; Max Output of 10A;  and a Voltage Rating of 12V /24 V / 220 V. The item comes with a thoughtful size dimension of 2.36” x 1.77” x 1.22”.

Solidly Built & Safe

It comes with a solid construction considering the price. There’s an ABS Flame Retardant Housing that’s Avirulent & Environmental protective. It’s highly safe, aging resistant, sturdy, and durable to ensure true convenience of use. It includes a 1m NTC10K Probe, making it easier to use. The Probe is waterproof, consisting of stainless steel material that won’t rust easily.

Wide Uses

Although it’s a simple digital temperature controller, you can have it for many applications. Some of these include temperature control protection, hatching,  incubation, air condition, cabinet cooling, and so on.

What Customers Say


  • Great Value product.
  • Perfect for temperature regulation of simple applications like turning on/off engines, fans, etc.
  • Simple and convenient.
  • Very accurate.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • No instruction manual.

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