Tips and Reviews for Buying the Best Keter Garden Storage Chest

Best Keter Garden Storage Chest

Most gardens need to be organized and maintained a bit to enjoy them even more in all seasons, but especially in summer, when the sun comes back. For this, you have many outdoor or garden storage solutions, the sizes, and shapes of which vary depending on the storage capacity you need. Keter garden storage chest or sheds and outdoor cabinets will rather be intended to store more objects, or even quite large things.

If this is not your goal, then the keter garden storage chest will prove to be essential allies, assets both practical and decorative in your exterior, whether it is a balcony, a terrace, or a real garden. In this area, the Keter brand has proven to be a benchmark both for the quality of its products and for its affordable prices for all budgets.

The Best Keter Garden Storage Chests

Keter Westwood 570L Outdoor Storage Chest

Keter Westwood 570L garden storage box-brown stylish natural wood-paneled finish and texture with flat Lid with automatic easy-opening mechanism and design to prevent objects on top of the box from sliding when close

The Westwood Deck Box may be a robust deck storage box with a spacious 150-gallon storage capacity. With its natural wood-paneled finish it makes the right addition to even the foremost stylishly elevated outdoor areas. This outdoor storage bench is formed out of a durable and weather-resistant plastic resin that creates it easy to take care of and durable enough to face up to severe weather. The Westwood Deck box stores even your biggest backyard items and keeps contents dry and ventilated.

Keter Westwood Outdoor Storage Chest

Stylish natural wood-paneled finish and texture with flat Lid with automatic easy-opening mechanism and style to stop objects on top of the box from sliding when close. Provides comfortable bench seating for two adults

Easy to take care of and sturdy plastic polypropylene resin means it can withstand the weather. The automatic opening mechanism makes it easy to open and shut. It Keeps contents dry and ventilated.

Piston-assisted lid

The Westwood outdoor storage box is right for storing garden tools and equipment, furniture cushions, garden games, and accessories. The piston-assisted lid comfortably seats two adults and is lockable (padlock not included) for added security. Decorative wood panel-style finishing with 570L capacity keeping all items ventilated and dry.

Keter Westwood 570L Outdoor Storage Chest

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Keter Novel Cushion Box 340 Liter Plastic

Keter Novel Cushion is a very large size to put the toys of the little ones, its quality, and its design. The Keter garden storage chest also seems sturdy, you can sit in it but that is not its function either, and it is waterproof, in any case for 4-5 days of light rain but without being exposed in my case directly, it is against the wall of an unsheltered terrace.

Keter Novel Cushion Box 340 LPlastic

It is very well designed and really easy to assemble. All the detached elements are numbered chronologically 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Assembled external dimensions: 124 x 55 x 62.5 cm (L x W x H); Internal dimensions: 115 x 48.2 x 56.6 cm (L x W x H).

Keter Novel Cushion Box 340 Liter

Keter Novel Cushion Box is an ideal outdoor storage box for garden tools and equipment, furniture cushions, garden games, and accessories. Its elegant and contrasting wood panel, style with a capacity of 340 Liter keeping all items ventilated and dry with lid support included for easy use with the lockable option for added security and made of durable, weather-resistant, and maintenance fade free plastic.

Keter Novel Cushion Box 340 Liter Plastic

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Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

Locking System and 16 Removable Bins-Perfect Organizer for Automotive Tools for Mechanics and Home Garage

The Keter 5 Drawer Storage System with its adaptable 5-drawer system, the Keter Modular Organizer and Storage System isn’t only for the garage. It’s perfect for all kinds of hobbies or home use, from scrapbooking, gardening, sewing, to craft storage. These portable and adjustable storage drawers meet a spread of organizational needs. Its modular construction enables it to simply slot in any existing home, office, utility room, or craft area. You’ll even take this rolling 5 drawer cart with you on the go.

Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

As every roll in the hay yourself handyman knows, having a top-quality toolbox is vital for getting employment done efficiently. For faster, more organized repairs and construction tasks, you would like to be ready to find the proper tool quickly without dalliance fumbling through a kitchen drawer or an old, rusted box. The Keter 5 drawer toolbox system not only helps you retain your tools safe and arranged, but it also offers convenient perks that old-fashioned toolboxes just can’t match.

Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers and locking systems

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Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box, Patio Table for Outdoor Cushion Storage

This storage table is extremely nice. The merchandise is like other Keter products, made from quite good materials. However, like other Keter products, lacks in finishing and a number of other of the pieces needed to possess excess plastic trimmed off in order that it might assemble flush. This is heavy enough while empty that strong winds don’t blow it away. Light enough to hold and move around. Sturdy enough to take a seat and stand on.

Keter Circa Round Deck Box

The Keter Circa Deck Box gives you a gorgeous natural wood grain look with a singular circular design that blends in with any outdoor décor and provides you with storage, additional patio seating & an additional serving place. The Circa is actually a flexible and striking addition to any patio furniture set.

Versatile Storage

Perfect place to store outdoor toys, pool accessories, and beach towels. Or use as a storage ottoman, side table, or patio table.

Durable and powerful

Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, and denting, unlike real wood.

Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box

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Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set with Storage Table for Patio

The Cozy Urban KNIT set comes with two rounded ‘pouf’ style Cozy seats and one multi-functional Cozy end table storage bin. Ideal for everything from a conversation patio set to a kids’ party to a comfortable corner of your front room, it’s both compact and functional. You’ll sit on the plastic poufs and luxuriate in the good outdoors, or bring them inside for a contemporary look in any space in your home.

Versatile Use

Perfect to use as porch decor, pit seating, outdoor chairs, balcony set, and poolside seating which can complement any patio furniture set.

Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set with storage table

Hidden Storage

The table provides 10 gallons of space for storing. Ideal for everything from patio furniture to kids’ tea parties to the corner of your front room.

Top Features

  • Coordinating storage table and a couple of seating poufs
  • Table: 16 W x 16 D x 16.3 H inches
  • Seat: 22.5 W x 22.5 D x 12.4 H inches
  • The table provides 10.83 gallons of space for storing
  • Attractive intricate knit-style braided texture
  • A multi-functional side table gives you extra storage while allowing you to put items on top
  • The lightweight, compact design makes it slot in perfectly almost anywhere
  • Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather polypropylene resin for exceptional durability
  • UV protection so it’ll never fade
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set

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A Small Point on Keter Garden Storage Chest

A quick visit to their website allows you to better know this brand which you will often hear about if you are already making a comparison of the best garden chests available on the net.

This material has been selected because it offers incredible resistance to weathering, wear, and sunlight while being solid and aesthetic. Those who have a green soul and are a little put off by the idea of ​​buying a piece of furniture, even outdoor, made of plastic, will be reassured to know that the resin is in fact a green product, which does not contain chlorine and very easily recyclable. The range offered by Keter is very wide, from shelters to chests through shelves and cupboards, and even games suitable for children.

The advantage of Keter garden storage chest trunks is to combine good manufacturing and aesthetics. Indeed, you can very well consider using it as a bench or as a decorative object, to create an item of real garden furniture that will hide in all elegance and in a very practical way all that you will have stored there! For larger models (called “bike and more”), you might as well consider storing your bikes in winter, sheltered from rain and wind.

Keter Products at The Best Price

There are many cheap Keter products available on the Net. You will be spoiled for choice as there are various models of Keter garden chests, a multitude of colors, and a variety of sizes. In short, you will find the best safe there!

The many advantages of choosing your garden trunk online are both the variety of products available but also the prices, which are really not expensive compared to certain local stores (DIY stores, etc.).

Of course, Keter offers its own products for sale on its website, however, you will also find them at other distributors such as Amazon, where the opportunities are often very interesting.

Choosing what works best for you is a breeze with the variety of models available on Amazon. Let’s start with the Keter Caracas trunk, which has the particularity of being made of insulating synthetic resin, and anti-UV treated to keep its color longer, with no maintenance required. Brown and beige, its design is very pleasant, for an object that offers a large capacity. Indeed, it is a real trunk that can hold almost 900 liters, and can be used to contain two 120-liter bins and thus hide them from view, or simply use it as a multifunction.

Thus, you store everything you want to store there, sheltered from the rain, thanks to its waterproofness which will keep its contents dry. Its dimensions are not, however, disproportionate with 132 cm in height, 74 in-depth, and 110 in width. The opening is done, as expected, by the cover, but also by two doors on the front. You can lock your trunk with a flexible system that does not include a padlock, provided during shipment. Sold for around 170 dollars on Amazon, you will receive a free 18 kg package and can benefit from fast delivery methods with a small supplement.

Which Keter Garden Storage Chest to Choose?

Another oversized model, the Keter Store it out has exactly the same characteristics as before, in taupe and beige colors this time, with an impressive capacity of 1,200 liters. Its dimensions are 119 cm in height, 160 in width, and 90 in-depth. It will be ideal for trash cans or for storing swimming pool articles (pool cover, tarpaulin reel, etc.), with its doors and cover which allow easy access to the interior. The users appreciated this product and specify that it can also be fixed on the ground, which is a significant advantage since it will be intended to contain a lot of objects which could weigh on the unit and cause it to tip over. Sold around 315 dollars on Amazon, delivery will be free and in a package of 28 kilos.

Let’s move on to the other chests with the Keter Hollywood, which falls more into the category of those that can be used both for decoration/garden furniture and storage. Its capacity is not negligible with 270 liters, which, of course, is not worth the 900 l of the previous one but depends of course on your expectations.

Still, in resin, a specialty of Keter, the gray color is very elegant and its smooth appearance makes it an aesthetic asset for your exterior. It will therefore be an ideal shelter for your cushions and other outdoor accessories.

Its dimensions are 58 cm in height, 118 in width, and 45 in-depth. Delivered in a package of about 8 kilos, Amazon will ask you for around 105 euros, which is not expensive according to customers given the good value for money of this model!

Similar model, the Keter Glenwood has the advantage of having been finished in imitation anthracite wood, thus combining the elegance of this material with the resistance and ease of cleaning of the resin. With a capacity of around 390 liters, it measures 128 cm in width, 65 cm in-depth, and 61 cm in height. The brand presents it as a cushion, but you are of course free to store whatever you want in it. It can also accommodate two people as a seat, as the demo photos on Amazon suggest. Its purchase price is 123 euros, which remains in the prices in this guide and fully corresponds to the service offered.


The first model is Keter garden storage chest westwood 570 liter is the one that succeeds in the perfect mix between decoration and storage. This is the Keter 570 liter garden bench box which is actually both a bench and a chest.

Clever, it can hold up to 265 liters without anyone guessing what’s inside. You have an accessory there that will be essential in winter for its storage and in summer for its seat!

Keter of course still offers many models like the Jumbo or the Rockwood, a simple trunk that will seduce you. Do not hesitate to take a tour of all the models on Amazon, which guides you at the time of purchase thanks to many search criteria (color, size, and price). Take the Keter quality test to choose cheap outdoor furniture that is as pretty as it is practical!

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