7 Best Cell Phone Sanitizer – No More Microbes with UV Sterilizer

Mobile phone Sanitizer

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer keeps your phone free of harmful microbes in one minute. While scientists have demonstrated the presence of a high level of bacteria on screens, the explosion of the market for smartphones and touchpads is raising questions about the hygienic precautions to adopt.

It is a fact, mobile devices and more particularly mobile phones have become everyday objects which we hardly separate from at home, at work, at the table, in transport, public places, and even in the toilet, there are few places where you do not find the opportunity or the need to consult your mobile.

The problem these concentrates of technology that are the touch screens of smartphones are veritable broths of culture, as are also the keyboards of computers and cash dispensers. Throughout the day, they accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria with which we can be in contact because of what we touch.

To make matters worse, the heat given off by these devices helps promote their persistence. The limit for drinking water is one coliform per 100 ml. If this kind of contamination is found on other everyday objects such as handles, computer keyboards, keys, pens, or landline phones, exposure via smartphones is higher due to proximity than we service with this device.

The Right Gestures of Best Cell Phone Sanitizer Reviews

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK AND DISCOVERY CHANNEL. PhoneSoap’s revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and tested and proven on the Discovery Channel.

KILLS 99.99% OF BACTERIA WITH UV LIGHT. Our patented design is the only device that can completely sanitize your entire phone. Sitting on a UV transparent plate, and surrounded by scientifically proven germicidal UVC light and a reflective interior, PhoneSoap kills 99.99% of all bacteria on your phone.

STAY HEALTHY. Our phones gather all the bacteria we touch throughout the day where they breed and grow. Our phones are Petri dishes in our pockets, the third had we never wash! Stay healthy by keeping your devices clean with PhoneSoap

Mobile Phone Disinfector

FITS AND CHARGES ANY PHONE. PhoneSoap 3 fits all phones, including the larger phones such as the iPhone 8 Plus. It also has two charging ports on the back of the device, a USB and USB-C. You already charge your phone every night, now you can charge and sanitize at the same time. With PhoneSoap 3 you can charge a second device, such as a smartwatch, at the same time.

CLEAN WHATEVER FITS. While we have built PhoneSoap 3 around sanitizing phones, you can sanitize whatever fits inside. From pacifiers, smartwatches, and headphones to credit cards and keys.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer

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UV Cell Phone Aromatherapy Function Disinfector Sanitizer

Product Description:

Lopnord UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, Phone Screen Cleaner UV Light Portable Smartphone Sterilizer, Aromatherapy Function Disinfector, Phone Toothbrush Jewelry Watches Glasses Cleaner Case.


Mobile Phone Disinfector

Product Features:

  1. Disinfection Function: Press the disinfection button to start the UV disinfection function. The function stops a few mins later automatically. The disinfection indicator is on during working time.
  1. Aromatherapy function: Press the fragrance button to start Aromatherapy function. The function stops a few mins later automatically. Aromatherapy light is on during the working time.
  1. Wide Uses Most mobile phones, such as iPhone 11 Pro, X, Xs, Xr,8,8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 Note 9, etc. P

Portable digital products such as MP4 & Bluetooth headphones/toothbrush/jewelry and most of the small objects thinner than 14mm.

Cell Phone Sanitizer

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HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer #Amazon’s Choice

PORTABLE PROTECTION: Keep your phone clean by utilizing patented pop-up technology and UV-C LED sanitizing. After use conveniently collapse flat to transport between your purse, backpack, suitcase, gym bag, and more to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


FULL COVERAGE: With 2 UV-C Germicidal LED’s at 70 cycles per charge, completely surround your phone for optimal sanitizing in just 30 seconds per side. The lighting position ensures maximum coverage and effectiveness.

SAFE SANITIZING: Free of mercury and chemicals with an advanced safety lock to prevent UV exposure. Sanitize and disinfect both sides of your item in just 1 minute with rechargeable LED’s that last for thousands of uses.

MULTI-USE FUNCTIONALITY: Designed to fit a variety of phone sizes including larger models like iPhone 8+ and Google Pixel 3. Vacation and travel essential or great for use at home or the office.

UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

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Marnana Portable UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer: Sanitize your phone within 15 minutes to keep it clean, helps you stay healthy. (NOTE: When open the lid, please be sure the UV lights are turned off.)


Wireless Charger: Wirelessly charging your phone automatically when putting your phone in the box (only for QI-enabled phones).

USB Charger: Built-in USB charging port, charge your phone while sanitizing other units.

Widely Use UV sanitizer compatible with most of the cell phones that no more than 6.3*3.22*0.43inches and the disinfection function is also available for iPod, mp3 players, jewelry, etc. (NOTE: Please take off the phone case to sanitize your phone, or your phone may not fit in this sanitizer).

Cell Phone Sanitizer

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Lecone UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer and Wireless

3-in-1 function: It is not only a wireless charger for mobile phones but also aromatherapy for mobile phones and other small items, harmless to the human body.

Mobile Phone Disinfector


Our patented design is the only device that can completely tidy your entire phone within 8 minutes.

Fits all phones below 6.2 inches with Qi function, including iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone XS MAX, Samsung S9, Samsung S9+, Nokia Lumia 830, etc.

The inclusiveness of anti-microorganism boxes, mobile phones, jewelry, watches credit cards and keys so on can be tidy as long as they are within the tolerance range of size.

Put some essential oil into the aromatherapy inlet to start having an aroma humidifier for your phones and your device will smell very wonderful.

Cell Phone Sanitizer

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Kmesoyi UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer

Portable cell phone sterilizer, Aromatherapy Function Mobile Phone Disinfector, iPhone Cleaner with USB Charging for iOS Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Pacifier-Blue

UV Sanitizer: The sterilizer use bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant light targets in on those difficult to reach areas, eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Press clean switch to start sterilizing with indicator lights keeps green; the Machine will stop automatically after 6 minutes while clean is finishing.


Kmesoyi UV Cell Phone Sanitizer


Large Sanitizing Space: KMESOYI sanitizer is compatible with Cell phones up to 7 inches such as iPhone Samsung Nexus LG Motorola Sony HTC Huawei etc. Great for iPods, mp3 players, Bluetooth earphones, toothbrushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry, and any other small objects.

Aromatherapy Function: Not only does the cell phone sanitizer can keep your belongings germ-free, but also the UV sterilizer works like an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply add a couple of your favorite aroma drops into the inside, your phone will freshen while sanitizing.

Portable Sterilizer: The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of our Phone Sanitizer makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go. Especially this phone sterilizer is powered from laptop desktop power bank USB charger, you can sanitize your cell phone with its case whether at work home traveling or car.

Gift Choice: Presented in a stylish box, it’s an ideal gift for germaphobes and must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene. Also, The perfect gift for the germaphobe in your life. Best holiday Christmas gift for father, families, and friends.

Kmesoyi UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

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UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

Clean Devices: Your devices don’t take a shower each day. Microbes are attracted to your smartphone, your earbuds, and other products you likely use every day. The UV sterilizer provides your devices with a special shower.

UV-C light: Only the UV-C light can kill germs, these UV cell phone sanitizers promise to rid your tech and other household items of germs that might make you sick.

Mobile Phone Disinfector

Wireless charger equipped: The UV cell phone sterilizer is large enough to accommodate phones up to 6.6 in, and it has a Qi charging pad embedded in its box meaning when your phone isn’t inside getting clean, it can sit on top getting charged.

Multi-function: Putting your phone inside and wait for the progressing until 100% completed while a UV light “bath” kills all the germs. It’s large enough to accommodate other items as well: Earbuds, Eyeglasses, Masks, keys and Necklace, and so on.

Aromatherapy: Unlike normal UV cell phone sterilizer, this one is also an essential oil diffuser, if you want your phone to smell good, perfume, or whatever when it comes out. This is the product for you.


Cell Phone Sanitizer

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UV lamp Sterilizer for Cell Phones, Tablets

Cleaning solutions exist, Elements of response with a lot of start-up of a sterilization system of mobile phones, tablets, etc., Industrialists have clearly not yet taken the hygiene factor into account, even though mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are the most commonly used electronic products.

One of the solutions could come from the use of type C or UV-C ultraviolet rays which are used in laboratories to sterilize devices and instruments. A process also used in aquariums to sterilize water.

It is a case that contains a UV-C lamp in which you slide your mobile. It’s 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and viruses. The UV-C light only works in cycles of 3 to 5 minutes, so there is no heater or liquid that could damage the gadgets.

Alcohol Kills 100% of Bacteria

Influenza, conjunctivitis, and other diarrhea are cited as the most common illnesses that can be transmitted via touch screens. Disinfecting your smartphone regularly, therefore, seems to be the basic precaution. But you still have to find a product that is really effective and that does not risk damaging the device.

To realize this, destroying 100% of the bacteria present. The problem, the manufacturers of smartphones advise against the use of household cleaning products, aerosols, solvents, alcohol, etc.

FutureChargeUniversal Cell Phone Sterilizer

Disinfect Your Cell Phone and Tablets: Avoid Following Method

  • Window cleaning products, household detergent, solvent, ammonia, or alcohol-based products. Recent phones have an oleophobic protective layer which can be damaged over time with this type of product.
  • Paper Towels: Even if these materials do not seem abrasive at first glance, their structure can damage the screen.
  • Do not spray cleaner directly, liquid may enter the device.
  • Do not immerse the phone in water. Even when it is supposed to be waterproof, the phone is mainly resistant to splashes and should not be completely submerged.

How to Disinfect Your Cell Phone and Tablet?

In these times conducive to the spread of viruses, good hygiene is essential. The mobile phone is the object we use the most. Cleaning it carefully is one of the barrier gestures that can prevent getting sick. If you take your mobile phone everywhere including at the table or in the toilet, daily cleaning is essential!

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