Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder – Product Reviews 2021

Kidde Two Story Fire Escape Ladder

The Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Kidde KL-2S extends to 13 feet for use in second-story rooms, and the Kidde KL-3S extends to 25 feet for an escape route from third-story rooms.

Key Feature:

  • A flame-resistant, durable and sturdy ladder
  • Easy to use. Attaches quickly to most common windows
  • Strong and durable ladder tested to 1,000 pounds
  • Tangle-free design fast and easy to deploy with anti-slip rungs
Kidde Fire Escape Ladder
kidde two-story fire escape ladder

Product Description:

13′, 2 Story, Emergency Escape Ladder, Tangle-Free Design, Tested To 1,000 LB, No Tools or Assembly Required, 5 Year Limited Warranty, Boxed.

Fire Safety for Your Home

The National Fire Protection Association recommends storing one ladder in every occupied room of your home that is above the main level. With a Kidde Escape ladder, you can keep your family and children safe in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Ideal for Second- or Third-Story Escapes

The Kidde Escape Ladder is available in two models. Each model features a strong and lightweight design, compact storability, and one-foot wide rungs.

The Kidde KL-2S extends to 13 feet for use in second-story rooms, and the Kidde KL-3S extends to 25 feet for an escape route from third-story rooms.

kidde Fire Escape Ladder

Quick and Easy to Use

Kidde Escape Ladders store compactly and don’t deploy until you need them. Each ladder fits easily under a bed or in a closet near the window. If a fire necessitates an escape from the second or third story of your home, it’s easy to move a Kidde Escape Ladder to the window, open and place the attachment hooks over the windowsill, and pull the release strap to unfurl the ladder.

Warning: Kidde Escape Ladders are designed for one-time use only. Discard after single use. Repeat use may result in injury or death.

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder

Strong and Durable

With metal rungs and red nylon strap rails, Kidde Escape Ladders can support up to 750 pounds on one rung or 1,000 pounds when the load is distributed on more than one rung.

Anti-slip, zinc-plated steel rungs prevent slipping and ensure a safe descent, and the ladders are flame resistant for increased protection.

Kidde Two Story Fire Escape Ladder

Safe to Climb

The rungs on this premium fire escape ladder are made with high-quality, zinc-plated steel that has been carefully designed to offer secure footing and prevent slipping so that you can safely descend. Additionally, each anti-slip rung is one foot wide, offering plenty of space for your hands and feet as you climb from a window.

Plan for Protection

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of your family, so always be prepared with the Kidde fire safety ladder. Made with strong steel and nylon, this ladder features non-slip rungs and a tangle-free design that is quick and easy to deploy from any second-story window in a house or residential building. Our emergency ladder will be an invaluable part of your fire safety plan and provide peace of mind.

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder
Kidde two-story emergency escape ladder

No Assembly Required

To make sure this ladder is ready for use when you need it, it requires absolutely no assembly or tools. It has been carefully assembled to ensure proper deployment, and only needs to be attached to a window before the rungs are released. This is a single-use safety ladder and should be replaced after being deployed.

Kidde KL 2S Two Story Fire Escape Ladder
Kidde 468193 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs

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