Product Review 2021 – MERGE VR Headset

MERGE VR Headset 1

MERGE VR Headset

How about enjoying the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in one VR headset? Now do that with the amazing Merge VR Headset. It’s a great solution for playing immersive education games and watching all those 360 Degree Videos. Considering the fact that it’s not the high-end option with a high price tag, you would really find it offers a lot. So how about giving a tour through its features.

Portable and Convenient

Now you can go anywhere with the Merge Headset. Now make the virtual trips and see life from a different perspective. Especially if you are a student, this is your chance to learn firsthand. It provides convenient wearing with the rugged and comfortable foam. Moreover, it’s easy to wipe clean as well. It’s just perfect for the kids in classrooms or at home. They can enjoy it with utter convenience with the adjustable lenses as well.

MERGE VR Headset augmented reality

Virtual Field Trips

Isn’t it amazing to go for the Virtual Field Trips powered by prominent brands like Discovery, National Geographic, NASA, BBC, Google Expeditions, and so on? And that too without leaving the room. Enjoy the 360-degree videos that travel you through the top of the mountains, dives you underwater with dolphins and sharks, rockets you into space, or transports you back in the time of the dinosaurs.

At A Glance: 

  • VR Headset for kids, classrooms, libraries, online school, home school, and remote learning; made of durable and flexible foam that’s comfortable, easy to wipe clean, and has adjustable lenses
  • Go Anywhere – find apps and experiences at Merge Miniverse online; explore the solar system, walk with dinosaurs, take virtual field trips and more; works with Google Expeditions.


MERGE VR Headset


  • Award-winning STEM learning, the Merge Headset has been featured in Consumer Reports, named by CNN as Best VR Headset for Big Kids and Tweens, and Winner of the Academic’s Choice Award
  • Compatible with the Merge Cube for mixed reality experiences
  • Works with both iOS and Android smartphones, and easy to use for kids ages 10 and up

Redefining the Way You Learn

This VR Headset can take the learning curve of kids to a different level whether it’s about their classrooms, online classes, libraries, or remote learning. The things that are rare, expensive, dangerous, or even impossible in real life can easily be tried by the students in the virtual world. And it’s been found that students remain active, engaged, and focused on their immersive learning using the VR headset.

MERGE VR Headset augmented reality and VR

Award-Winning Kit

The Merge VR headset is an award-winning STEM learning kit, that has been named by CNN as the Best VR headset for kids and tweens; also It’s featured in Consumer Reports and also awarded as the Academic’s Choice Award.

Great Compatibility

It supports the Merge Cube that allows you to experience the augmented realities or mixed realities. This is compatible with the Android and iOS smartphones making it a great option especially for the kids’ ages over 10 years. So you don’t need to purchase any additional device for your AR/VR experiences.

What Customers Say

The parents seem to be loving this for their kids or grown-ups as well, for their learning with VR/AR. This has been one of the top picks in the academic sector. It can also entertain as well with the immersive visual experiences.

MERGE VR Headset
MERGE VR Headset – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headset, Play Educational Games and Watch 360 Degree Videos, STEM Toy for Classroom and Home, Works with iPhone and Android

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