Square Foot Gardening Template by Seeding Square – Garden Seed Planter Tool Kit comes with Everything You Need: Square…

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🥕VEGETABLE GARDENING MADE SIMPLE🥦 Plant your garden with ease and grow (a lot) more food in less space. This innovative garden tool ensures that you sow seeds (and seedlings) at just the right distance apart, giving you maximum use of your available space. Bonus: spacing plants this way reduces the amount of exposed soil – resulting in less water evaporation and a lower water bill for your garden.
🍉SPOT WEEDS EASILY🥒 Using Seeding Square on planting day will organise your garden like a dream and it’s a time-saver when it comes to weeding – perfectly spaced plants make weeds stick out like a sore thumb (no more analysing if it’s a weed vs. a seedlings). Bonus: maximizing space creates a thicker and denser crop canopy, which reduces the room available for weeds to grow in. Goodbye weeds!
🧅ALL AGES & ALL GARDENS 🌶️ Beginners, professionals, enthusiasts and kids – the Seeding Square seed spacer is fun for everyone. Whether your growing area is a community garden, raised bed, garden box, school garden or a corner of your backyard – this is the tool you’ll want for planting a vegetable garden. Tip: Large gardens can still have rows by pressing and seeding the same type of veg over and over in a line.

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