TVOC Air Quality Monitor Formaldehyde Detector Pollution Meter Monitor to Detect Indoor Pollution 2020 New Indoor air… Price: $39.47 (as of 29/10/2020 09:34 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

The TVOC air quality monitor indoor tracks a HUNDRED of organic violates in the air, could standard for air quality around you, a super air quality tester, TVOC is one of the most serious factors of air quality, this unit could remind you when it is over standard and impact your family’s health. it includes chemical violates, harmful gas, smokes, decoration violates, odors…Value we set is international standard of TVOC≤0.50mg/m³ so 100% means it is 0.50mg/m³, exceed this value will alert
Good ACCURACY, good CONSISTANCY, SENSIVE, FAST RESPONSE, SIMPLE NICE DESIGN, EASY TO USE. it is made from the high quality components with advanced analysis technologies, A super measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance, very sensitive small changes can also be captured, fast response, it is easy to sit anywhere, Quality and design are part of our monitor
STABILITY, our products can achieve long-term stability, and in the same use environment, this character leading the market, it has RESET Calibration function as well, This is a unique function, it is better to have it off or calibrated per 2 hours to get more exact value, if you think the value is not reflecting the status, like close to zero value, always not changing, or too high value, you could use Calibration function to double check, if air is good, value will resume normal

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