10 Best Reviews of Light Therapy Lamps

light therapy lamps reviews

Effective against sleep disorders and depressive states, the light therapy lamp is also the ideal decorative object to make your interior brighter with a natural look. In this comparison to help you choose the best light therapy lamps for you!

Here are some best light therapy lamps on amazon

Verilux HappyLight Lucent 10,000 Lux LED Light Therapy Lamp

Sunlight is an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, but many of us don’t get the amount of daylight we need to experience its benefits.HappyLight Lucent light therapy lamp mimics sunlight using full-spectrum light at up to 10,000 lux to enhance mood, energy, sleep, and focus but without the harmful UV rays.

Verilux HappyLight Lucent 10000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp


  • Full Spectrum Light: HappyLight Lucent delivers bright light at up to 10,000 lux to provide you with your daily boost of sunshine.
  • Evenly Distributed LED Light: Experience bright light that’s flicker-free, glare-free, and hot spot-free with 72 LED lights.
  • Simple and Easy to Use: Soft-touch on/off button makes operation simple and easy.
  • Portable and Durable: Detachable stand and the tablet design packs flat for on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Safe for Eyes & Skin: Our full-spectrum, UV-free light has passed internationally recognized safety tests for vision.



Bright light in the first hours after waking up helps stimulate the hormones in our body that influence our well-being, including sleep/wake patterns.

Verilux HappyLight VT22 Lucent 10000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp 1


Light therapy lamps can help in combating tiredness commonly associated with winter blues, as well as the effects of shift work or jet lag.


Using the HappyLight Lucent light therapy lamps signals the body’s natural energy enhancers to reduce sluggishness and lethargy allowing you to be alert and focused when you need it the most.

Verilux HappyLight Lucent 10000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp 1


light therapy lamps 10000 lux 10,000 lux, full-spectrum light from your HappyLight Lucent light therapy lamp helps you feel focused and revitalized.


Customer Says

This is a great light and this is really a game-changer! This season noticed that never lagged and still able to hop out of bed even though it was dark. It uses for about 30 minutes per day while eating an early breakfast and it keeps me going all day!


Verilux Lux Light Therapy Lamp

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Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp

Philips goLITE BLU mimics the natural energizing power of daylight and increases energy levels and mood to help you stay sharp. Use this small portable energy light for just 20 to 30 minutes per day to charge up and energize: to get going in the morning, reboot after lunch, or maintain sustained energy levels throughout the day. The soft blue LED is 100 percent UV-free and is evenly diffused through the screen for safe and comfortable viewing. Philips goLITE BLU features a rechargeable battery as well as a cord for outlet use.


Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp

goLITE BLU Energy Light At a Glance

  • Clinically proven to naturally increase energy levels and mood helping to fight winter blues
  • Use while reading or working for 20 to 30 minutes per day
  • As effective as much larger 10,000 lux white lights
  • Evenly bright and UV-free for eye safety
  • Rechargeable battery and adapter for use anywhere
  • 100+ years of Philips lighting and healthcare know-how

How Does Philips goLITE BLU Work?

Daylight is essential to well-being and staying energized throughout the day. In the last 10 years, scientific research has shown that within the spectrum of colors contained in daylight, blue is the most energizing one.

Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp 1 1

Philips goLITE BLU produces a particular kind of pure blue light that occurs naturally on very sunny, clear days. The blue light stimulates special receptors in the eye that trigger the body’s natural response to sunlight, mimicking the energizing power of a bright sunny day. With daily use, you are likely to feel goLITE BLU’s energizing effect within one to two weeks.

UV-Free Light is Safe for Eyes

Philips goLITE BLU uses a combination of diffusers, reflectors, and filters to distribute the blue LED evenly across the whole surface of the screen. This helps prevent glare and bright spots, providing a luminance that is always comfortable and safe for your eyes. The effect is similar to that of a sunny day, but without the harmful UV rays associated with sunlight

Customer Says

It has helped to stay up late then couldn’t go to sleep and even when he did go to bed early would have early morning awakenings. This has helped tremendously and now sleeps thru the night and can get up early in the morning as long as uses it consistently and go to bed early. When you fail to do that then he oversleeps since he wakes up at 2 or 3 am in the mornings. It used religiously and dragging in the mornings anymore. Walking making breakfast and out the door in time for work very happy with this product.

Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp

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Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

The Day-Light Classic Plus, from the leaders in Bright Light Therapy, is a clinical LED lamp that meets every expert requirement for therapeutic use. The Day-Light Classic Plus, the next generation of the popular Day-Light Classic light therapy lamp, features 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at 12 inches, 99.3% UV blocking for eye safety, angle, and height adjustment for easy use, and light projection from above for maximum therapeutic benefit. If you are searching for the best light therapy lamps, you will consistently find the Daylight lamps at the top of the list for assisting with your bright light therapy needs.

Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp 1 1

Bright light therapy lamp features:

  • Light therapy lamps 10000 LUX of glare-free white light
  • Contemporary design for home or office
  • Meets expert criteria for bright light therapy
  • LED Lamp, UV Free
  • Provides white light which is safer than colored light


Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Customer Says

It has been using it every morning for 30 minutes when waking up, for the last month and a half. Depression has lifted and no PMS whatsoever this month!

Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

You love the size (big screen) and the brightness level of the lamp. You can read or use my tablet under it without problems. A lot of people mention finding the legs unsteady. It feels sturdy and quality.


Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp 1

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Philips Smartsleep Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp

Inspired by Nature’s Sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes from soft morning red through orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of changing an increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake-up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.
Philips Smartsleep Sleep and Wake up Light Therapy Lamp


  • You have the option of light only an alarm
  • Dimmed time numbers at night
  • You can choose how bright you want the light to go as it brightens
  • You can use it as a lamp and again choose how bright you want that
  • A selection of times you want the sunrise to last
  • Sticky rubber keeps it from sliding around
  • The clock is amazingly non-disturbing.
  • It looks fine


  • It is round, with a not larger enough base,
  • A limited selection of time you want the sunrise to last
  • No line in or sd card slot for your own music.
  • It’s expensive

Intuitive Dimming Display

The brightness of the display adjusts itself. If the bedroom is filled with light, the brightness increases to keep the display readable. When the bedroom is dark the brightness dims so it doesn’t light up your bedroom when you are trying to sleep.

Sunset Simulation

Sunset simulation is a light therapy used before you go to sleep. The Sunset simulation prepares your body to fall asleep by gradually decreasing light to your set duration.

Philips Smartsleep Sleep and Wake up Light Therapy Lamp

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp

This Circadian Optics Lumos slimmest lamp, measuring just 2 1/4″ wide. It also has the smallest footprint, allowing it to be placed in tight spaces, demanding less desk space. In order to keep the stand compact, we designed the lamp to be tall, thin, and narrow.

Eminently adjustable, 3 hinges and a rotating light panel give this lamp excellent flexibility, allowing you to angle the light panel in a multitude of ways. This makes it easy to place, position, and configure the lamp in a way that works best for the given space.

Benefits of Bright Light Therapy

Maintains a Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle | Light keeps your internal clock on a healthy 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, helping you feel more awake during the day and to fall asleep better at night.

Improves Mood

Using light to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm can have positive effects on your mood.

Helps Concentration

Daytime exposure to bright light can suppress melatonin levels, decrease sleepiness, increase alertness, and improve performance.

Boosts Energy

Bright light can improve alertness, fight fatigue, and reduce tiredness by stimulating the body’s natural response to light.


Customer Says

First time reviewing a project, but this one deserves it. It will actually change your life. Struggled with severe insomnia for over a year. It uses for about 30 minute’s right when you wake up. Within two weeks Ativan and actually getting some of the best sleep of your life.


Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp

check price and details

Northern Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box

The Boxelite is an affordable lightbox that emits diffuse light through the large front panel measuring 12 inches x 15 inches. This highly efficient unit draws only 85 watts, yet delivers 10,000 lux at a distance of up to 17 inches. The lightbox provides lumens of brightness for folks with Seasonal Affective Disorder who need more brightness when the days are short.



Size Matters

Our bright light products attempt to replicate outdoor light. The entire sky is lit up by the sun as your entire face will be lit up by the Boxelite’s large light screen. To get light therapy your eyes must fall in the 10,000 Lux area. This makes getting 10,000 Lux with small units very difficult because you need to sit very near and your eyes must be directly in front of the unit. Sometimes, bigger is better.


Northern Lux Bright Light Therapy Light Box


Improve Your Overall Mood and Well-Being

Studies prove that bright light therapy is shown to decrease melatonin and increase serotonin levels making you feel more alert, energized, and happy.

Northern Bright Light Therapy Light Box

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Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device

A natural, non-invasive treatment – Our light delivers safe, concentrated red & near-infrared wavelengths of therapeutic 2 natural light to your skin and cells, where it reduces oxidative stress and stimulates cellular energy production.

Prevents Muscle Soreness & Fatigue

Nature red & near-infrared light helps promote antioxidants, which play a central role in reducing the oxidative stress associated with muscle fatigue

Reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation

This light has a particularly strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, organs, and joints, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain & inflammation

Bestqool Red Light Therapy Lamp

Bestqool Therapy Light: Red & Near-infrared Light:  Visible Red Light (660nm): Invisible Infrared Light (850nm)

  • Increase natural collagen production
  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Speed wound healing
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Help hair regrowth
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost energy & immunity
  • Boost testosterone level if targeted that part

Skin Rejuvenation

Red Light has been shown to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, and enhance skin tone, for an overall younger look. It takes 1-2 months to see the improvements in skin and health issues

Relax & Sleep Better

Photo bio modulation helps you relax and sleep better. Clinical studies show red light therapy can help your body ease into the sleep cycle more naturally.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device

Q. Can this red light therapy help with wrinkles?

A. Yes, light therapy can reduce wrinkles technically, it can increase collagen production, which means skin rejuvenation. Not only reduce wrinkles, but this therapy light can also boost skin health.

Q. What spectral wavelength range does this light emit?

A. The red light therapy device contains 30 units of 600nm and 30 units of 850nm, which are very scientific to make a powerful treatment.

Q. Can light therapy help improve my sleep?

A. You know sleeping problems are very common for adults. We have all felt the short-term effects of a poor night’s sleep, and you are probably aware of the health risks associated with chronic sleep issues. What many don’t realize is the central role that light plays in our sleep cycle, and additionally, that some types of light are better and worse for healthy sleep.

Q. Will this therapy light work through clothes, or do you need bare skin?

A. The skin that you wish to be treated should be fully exposed to the light so the red light and infrared can penetrate deeply.

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Fitfirst Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

This light is incredible! Tends to get a little down during the winter when you have long periods of no direct sunlight. The quality is very good. The timer button feature is very nice. The thing that is most impressed with us that it uses a micro USB cable and you can run the light on a backup battery for a cell phone! Haven’t tried but I bet you can plug it into a PC USB port and run it. It’s really a feeling that the incredible brightness is very impressive especially with the ability to run off a backup battery. This will come in handy camping. Or during power outages.

The quality of the USB cable is surprisingly good. The light does not weigh hardly anything but it doesn’t feel cheap. The stand on the back folds in flush and has a good rubber grip on the bottom of it. If I had one complaint and it’s only a little one, it would be that the stand feels a little weak but not enough to keep it from functioning.

Fitfirst Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

This light therapy lamp is also designed only with 10-12 watts energy costing, and simple pad style with only one touch timer while 2 levels brightness adjustable 5000lux,10000lux. It can adjust different light sensitivity depend on the usage environment, suggest you start to use with 10minutes and low light intensity then extend to 30 minutes each time at most.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 9.45” x 5.59” x 0.71”
  • Light Source: LED
  • Power: 5V, 2.5A
  • Lighting Intensity: 10,000 lux
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • Stand Angle: 30-100°

Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

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Legal Disclaimer:

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light

When the winter started and it started getting dark earlier in the afternoon, I was feeling very lazy and was wanting to sleep all the time. For some unknown reason, it happened this year more than ever before. I decided to try a therapy lamp and noticed the difference in my mood and energy levels. It definitely improves my mood, I feel more productive at night. Therapy lamps definitely help with the SAD syndrome.

Why Choose Miroco LED Light Therapy Lamp?

  • 6 Timer Settings: Re-energize yourself by setting an automatic timer from 10-60min in 10-minute intervals; long press any button 1.5s to cancel the timing function
  • 6 Brightness Levels: With a smooth dimmer, you can set it to the best level according to the environment, distance, and sensitivity with just a simple touch
  • Adjustable Angles: (angle range 55°) Allows to adapt to each unique environment.
  • Stable Therapy Lamp: Aluminum alloy stand with four rubber mat is stable and stylish

miroco led bright white therapy light


  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Brightness: 10000 lux
  • Light Source: LED
  • Brightness Levels: 6
  • Timer: 10-60 minutes
  • Operating Voltage: AC 100-240V/DC 12V 2A

What Customer Says

Well, the technology for this sunlight wavelength simulator type of device has really come down as the choice has vastly improved. Anyway, I really recommend this specific light due to the amazing strength and quality. I can truly feel the parts of my head that are in the light and it’s not a suntan device. It’s a very cool simulation of the RGB waves that are lost inside with fluorescent and basic light bulbs.

light therapy lamp miroco led bright white therapy light

check price and details

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy

The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp is designed to deliver infrared heat to the human body. It can be used to provide warming relief to those with colds, muscle aches & tension. When the infrared heat hits the targeted area, the warmth opens up the capillaries, improves circulation & aids to naturally get rid of toxins that are inside your body, encouraging the joints, muscles & damaged tissue to heal. When your muscles are warm, they automatically relax to reduce stiffness & loosen up to help your joints & increase flexibility.

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy

Features At A Glance:

  • Red light surface: 6.5″ x 6″ – cord length: 81″
  • Adjustable tilt from 0-50 degrees
  • Ceramic glass plate – provides near to mid-infrared with a length range from 500 nm to a peak of 2500 nm
  • UV blocker – and can be used with an extension cord
  • Digital display of treatment time; ideal for body area treatments of 11.8″ – 15.7″
  • Timer with automatic switch-off
  • Active ventilation with overheating protection


  • It is strongly recommended not to use the unit if you are sensitive to heat. Heat sensitivity can be reduced or increased in the following cases:
  • Diabetic patients.
  • In people suffering from drowsiness, dementia, or a lack of concentration.
  • After taking medicine or consuming alcohol.
  • People with skin changes caused by illness.
  • In people with scarred skin in the treatment area.
  • Which people with allergies.
  • Children and elderly people.
  • In cases of acute inflammatory processes, the unit should only be used after consultation with a doctor.


Customer Says

It’s quite simple actually, those halogen bulbs tend to either fail after only a few uses, or they’ll last a long time, but rarely in between. As most of the reviews indicate, this device works very well. I’ve used it for plantar fasciitis, and together with cupping & acupuncture, all met and exceeded your expectation. So I’m not going into detail to describe its use.


Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy

check price and details

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is part of the large family of phototherapy and involves daily exposure to broad-spectrum white light imitating the sun. Its main purpose is to treat disorders associated with the disruption of the internal biological clock. The most common of these disorders is, without a doubt, seasonal depression with symptoms of chronic fatigue decreased libido, and excessive need for sleep, awake awakenings, and depressed mood. A light therapy lamp can also be used to fight other symptoms individually such as sleep disturbances, PMS or to combat problems related to night work or sleep disturbances.

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

How to Use a Light Therapy Lamp?

The duration of exposure will depend above all on the distance between you and the lamp as well as the power of the latter. The greater the amount of lux emitted by the light therapy lamp, the shorter the exposure, the dose recommended by specialists in the field being 10,000 lux at a distance of 45cm for approximately 30 minutes in the morning. The best way to be in great shape for the day and to eliminate all the little worries that could put your spirits down!

The light therapy lamp can be placed on your desk while you work, next to your mirror while you are getting ready in the morning or anywhere, as long as you keep exposure time to a minimum. Remember that, as explained in the next paragraph, it is largely thanks to the light sent into the eyes that this type of treatment is effective. So do not put your light therapy lamp behind you to light your calves, it is useless!


How to Choose Your Light Therapy Lamp

Take into account your rhythm of life and ask yourself the question when and where will you use your lamp? Light therapy sessions must be able to fit easily into your schedule so that they are followed regularly. Many models can be used both at home and in the office. If you choose a low wattage lamp, your treatment session will have to last longer. If you have limited time, it is best to use a strong lamp. Also, if you spend a lot of time at your desk, a desk lamp that also acts as a light therapy lamp is recommended.

Before buying your light therapy lamp, check your habits. Would it make more sense to put it near your bed, for a quick wake-up session, on your desk for use when you work, or near your favorite reading corner? You can choose a lamp according to space at home, or even decide to buy a smaller one for work, or in a team with your colleagues.

Body Red Light Therapy Devices in Deep Red

The Advantages of the Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy is used to relieve many of the worries caused by the low light of the season, such as fatigue, irritability, or lack of sleep. Some people like me appreciate its invigorating effect on mood. Others will use it to support them during symptoms of seasonal depression. Personally, I also notice that I sleep better when I use it, probably because natural light has an effect on one of the circadian rhythms which have an impact on our sleep.

If you don’t have large windows in your home to brighten up your mornings as much as possible, a light therapy lamp can help you boost the daily dose of light you need to get straight. It also helps for those days when the dark clouds decide to cover the whole sky!

Tips for using your light therapy lamp


It is strongly advised to start light therapy as soon as the first symptoms appear, from the beginning of autumn until the end of winter.

Specialists also recommend morning use, since it helps stop the production of melatonin. And since there is no need to look directly at the light, it can be used during lunch, reading the newspaper, or working on the computer!

Distance of use

The recommended exposure distance between the face and the lamp varies depending on the model of light therapy lamp used. This distance determines the duration of each session, the treatment is all the more effective as you are near the lamp.

Light therapy does not interfere with your active time either, you can easily read, eat breakfast, watch TV, work on your computer.

The Angle

There are many models of light therapy lamps that allow wall hanging. However, a floor lamp or a lamp with support is a better choice since you will be able to tilt it down, thus imitating the sun. On the other hand, even if most of the models are equipped with it, make sure that there are ultraviolet filters that will protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Verilux HappyLight VT32 Touch 10000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp

Positioning Your Lamp

For effective treatment, you should position the light therapy lamp so that light can easily reach the eyes. However, there is no need to look directly at the light source, it just has to stay in your field of vision.

During the session, it is important to keep your eyes open so that light can penetrate the retina of the eyes in order to transmit the light influx to the brain.

Precautions to Take

In all cases, it is advisable to consult a health professional who will determine if, according to your symptoms, light therapy is appropriate. You should also know that people suffering from diabetes, bipolarity, or eye diseases cannot, however, benefit from light therapy treatment.


Users of photosensitizing drugs and pills, or melatonin, should also consult a doctor before using a light therapy lamp, to avoid any interactions that could be harmful.


Light therapy lamps in a device with a sober and discreet design offering the best performance in terms of light therapy. With its light intensity that simulates the sun’s rays as well as possible, this device allows you to feel better about yourself very quickly. Practical and easy to take with you, it can accompany you both in the office and in your bedroom. Let’s discover its performance right away.

Image and Product Information Source: www.amazon.com

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