SHINECON Virtual Reality Headset – Product Review 2021


SHINECON Virtual Reality Headset

The ShineCon Virtual Reality Headset makes a great addition to the list of best VR headsets. It’s made not only to be functional but also to carry the highest quality and practical design. And this is the result of their constant effort to achieve the most desired design for the ultimate VR experience. These VR goggles are compatible with all the latest smartphones to let you visualize entertainment on a different scale.

Latest Shinecon VR Design

The Shinecon comes with its latest HD 42mm aspherical resin optical lens with the exclusive anti-blue light effect. It also includes a PMMA lens with 8 layers of nano-blue coating and 5 times polishing. So the optical glare, deformity, and eye fatigue are greatly reduced. It also comes with a built-in breathable, detachable, and replaceable leather pad that keeps it tidy while providing a great pleasure of watching.

SHINECON 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Ergonomic Design

It comes with an ergonomic design that includes T-shaped straps that balance the stress on your head and also reduce the pressure on your face, eyes, and head by 30%. So you won’t feel fatigued and dizzy while wearing these 3D VR glasses. It’s adjustable and can fit many sizes of heads. The leather protector is made with soft leather to treat your skin like a baby. Its cut-out design for the nose is very much convenient to let you breathe comfortably.

Great Audio and Video

The Shinecon VR headset offers Active Noise Canceling Around-Ear with its 3D HIFI Stereo Headphones. So you get the crispiest and most powerful sound to boost your enjoyment of watching VR movies, listening to music, and playing games. It makes you feel like watching everything on a gigantic 1050 inch screen within a 3m distance and visual angle of 100 and 110 degrees. This makes it big for immersive visual adventures.



The improved HD 42mm aspherical resin optical lens compared to other VR has its own unique anti-blue light effect. PMMA lens, and 8 layers of Nano blue coating after 5 times polishing, greatly reduce optical deformity, glare, eye fatigue. The built-in detachable, replaceable and breathable leather pad can keep SHINECON VR clean, feeling good while watching.


The Active Noise Canceling around-ear headphones from VR SHINECON give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet that helps you enjoy your VR movies, games, and music better. Feel like watching a huge screen of 1050 inches in a distance of 3m with a visual angle between 100 and 110 degrees, which contributes to an immersive visual experience with high definition photos.

SHINECON VR Headset 3D HIFI Stereo Headphone


Ergonomic T-shaped straps with VR balance the stress on heads and reduce 30% pressure around your eyes, face, and head, no dizziness, and fatigue when you using this 3D VR viewing glasses. Adjustable and fit for different sizes of heads. (Both adults and children) Built-in removable, soft leather protector treat your face like a baby’s skin, appropriate cutout for a nose that helps you breathe comfortably.


The soft sponge on the inside of Our VR SHINECON Headset protects your screen or phone case from getting scratched! Use peace of mind. The built-in detachable, replaceable and breathable leather pad can keep SHINECON VR clean, feeling good while watching. The Memory-protein ear cushion simulates human skin texture, ensuring lasting comfort. The softly padded headband allows you to find the perfect fit without constraint.

SHINECON VR Headset VR glasses


  1. Get 3D Video (left-right format)/App Downloaded & Play(just search “VR” on Apple App Store/Google Player.
  2. Put cell phone into the VR glasses, wear it, and adjust headband, PD & OD to get the best 3D viewing effect. You will then step into a new world with endless fun to explore.

Convenient to Use

Getting to the 3D videos or downloading and playing 3D apps have become super convenient with the huge collection in the app stores. Once you have the right apps all you need to do is put the cell phone into these VR Glasses. Then wear it, adjust it with the headband, and get the right adjustment regarding the PD and OD for the best 3D viewing effect. All these features help you have a realistic experience of things that you have only imagined.

Important Tips

Please follow the guidelines for the best visual experience regarding the mode, frame, resolution set up. Or about using myopia glasses, the best viewing angle, making PD adjustments, etc. This will help you to enjoy what it truly is made for.

What Customers Say

While considering a good VR headset for a phone, people find this to be a worthy choice. The price is also reasonable and perfectly does what it says.

SHINECON Virtual Reality Headset
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