Top 10 GPS Golf Watches & Rangefinders That Will Boost Your Golf Game

Top 10 GPS Golf Watches Rangefinders

GPS golf watches can be a useful addition to your golf game if you are a serious golf player. The Golf GPS watch is just like a regular smartwatch but specifically designed for golfers. Gps golf watches are gradually taking the place of scorecards, yardage books, and even laser rangefinders. Looking at the clock, you can quickly figure out to find the green & finding your target.

How would it be like if you can play every hole of any kind of course as if it was your regular? You can make a more accurate decision on choosing a club if you know the distance between you & the pin. More likely, the better chance to swing. Those days are long gone where you waste your swing to a fail attempt. In today’s modernization date, GPS golf watches do the tracking, so your golf skills slay the time & game. However, you will still need to hit the ball right.

Watch Out For The Game-changing Facts!

If you’re still confused, let us add the facts,  you can view course maps & elevations, track progress, and also track the steps you’ve made, calories burned. Are you only scratching the surface of your golf potential? Perhaps course management is holding you back. It might be time to consider a golf GPS device that provides the course’s visuals, another tool to gather information before every shot.

In the past, Golf watches were not updated like they are now, as technology has made life more comfortable. These days not knowing your distance can be a drawback. Smartphone apps, GPS & Bluetooth, have included dimension to golf watches. It’s not only limited to yardages but also outfitted with pedometers and odometers.GPS golf watches are not fashionable enough like other time gadgets, but it will increase the potential of your golf enjoyment. Among the various ways to get GPS-based information on the course, nothing can beat a GPS golf watch.

Golfers now play with more confidence and play shots knowing the accurate yardage with the help of a GPS golf watch. It is your caddy that is on your wrist.G.P.S Golf watch is a powerful tool for serious golfers. These watches can take your play to the advanced level. These dynamic gadgets give you real-time course information, track your swings, and keep your score. Sometimes the opinions can be confusing as golfers might face a dilemma between watches and handheld units.

Garmin GPS Golf Watch

Why a GPS Golf Watch?

It can be hard to switch up to the latest technology if you’re playing golf traditionally for years. If you’ve read till now, you already know the advantages of a GPS golf watch. Sit back, think, are you lagging and wasting your golf potential? Course management can  hold you back but taking the help of a g.p.s golf watch might  be a game-changer

Things to Look Out For Before Buying

Before we recommend our top picks for the best gps golf watches, we want you to consider some practical facts that we have researched before picking the best gps golf watch. A gps golf watch should have the desired features according to your needs. The watch market has specialized watches for swimming to kids-friendly watches, and we can’t blame you if you get confused in the massive & competitive world of watches. Here are things you have to keep in mind to finalize the best g.p.s golf watch for you.

Distance Data

One of the critical tasks of a g.p.s golf watch is to measure and display the exact yardages on your watch screen. It should show distances to every side of the green. If the watch displays yardages to hazards and doglegs, consider it as a perk.

Swing Inquiry

Consider G.p.s golf watch that offers tracking swing speed, path, launch angle & other swing parameters. Because you detect your swing mistakes from it and improve every time you play.

Personalized Shot Distance

Most watches have an abstracted mode where you can track the distance of a single golf shot. Let’s say you’re going to hit your shot before doing so, go to the personalized shot distance mode, click begin on the watch. Hit your shot and drive to your golf ball, and when you take it, click end. You can boost your golf skills as it shows you how far you can hit your club by counting the distance, leading you to make a smarter choice in the future.

Manual Pin Area

Some watches include a tool to set location pin on the green manually. Then the watch calculates the distance and displays on the screen.

Smart Scoreboard

Save your time or avoid mistakes by logging score digitally into the golf watch itself. Don’t be surprised. Some of the best gps golf watches come with this feature. These allow you to store your golf scores and analyze your performance over many golf rounds to review later on.

Touch and Target

Let’s say you want to check distances to avoid a specific bunker manually. Some of the advanced g.p.s watches offer a touch to target information while you press on a particular location.

Golf courses

Years ago, watches were manually installed where now smartwatches come with preloaded golf courses around the world with an automatic internet update system. Most watches come with auto- course recognition that can track what course you’re playing by using GPS.

Green Mapping

Suppose you are far away from the green and need to see a certain point. G.p.s golf watches have the option that gives you a chance to see the real state of the green. This will help you figure out how full the green is so you can settle on more intelligent shot decisions.

Battery & Waterproof

Before buying a g.p.s golf watch, the battery is an important aspect you must consider. Most golf watches have a battery lifespan of 10 to 17 hours. Suppose you want your watch to last the whole game, check before buying any watch, so you don’t have to charge your watch after every round. In the time of the rainy season, a golf watch being water-resistant seems like an excellent add-on.

Easy to use

A novice player can get confused with numerous highlights and attempt to find each function. With the level of your playing skills, be sure to choose the level of watch, not more or less. With the touch screen revolution, it has also made space in the watch market. It makes it more comfortable for the player to get any information with a simple touch.

Count those calories

We mentioned earlier that golf watches could be dynamic. You can count your movement, steps, calories burned & miles strolled with additional function on some of the GPS golf watches.   

Now it’s time for us to declare our top 10  best GPS golf watches picks for you. Shall we begin?

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

Watch out for Garmin S20 if you are looking for an all-in-one feature in a golf watch. This watch is one of the most popular and affordable watches on the market, or we can say the best golf watch for beginners. Let’s see what makes it so unique.

Autoshot Round Analyzer

This golf watch not only does it regular distance tracking job but also it’s autoshot round analyzer options, which rely on your wrist movement to trigger a shot. It gives you a chance to analyze your performance by calculating the distance from your shot & ball for post-round. You can see the details for each round and analyze your cumulative score via time. AutoShot doesn’t register putts, but you can still record shorter shots.

Pre-loaded Courses

You read it right. This affordable device has more than 40,000 golf courses around the globe pre-installed. It’s GPS identifies the route (s) you’re nearest and lets you select the correct locale. 

Garmin 010 03723 01 Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

Design & Battery Life

Compared to 2020s golf watches, s20 might seem a little bit old fashioned, but its sleek silicone watch band gives you a comfortable fit. The design resolution is about 128 x 128 pixels. It can beat sunlight so you can read it easily. This includes a high resolution & monochrome. Connect it through Bluetooth & ANT+. You can compare it with the Garmin Truswing golf swing sensor too. Compatible with both ios and android. It has 15 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to eight weeks without GPS usage.

Activity Tracking

Remember your daily activity through move on bar alerts. The odometer, heart rate monitor, and timer displays steps, calories burned, time of the day plus monitors your sleep cycle. The Garmin Approach S20 can also withstand submersion in up to 50 meters of water.

Garmin Connect Golf Community

Garmin Connect is the online golf community that is operated through the Garmin golf app. If you own any Garmin device, you can install this app and that share and compare your progress with friends online. f you open up the Garmin Golf app, you can match your shot distance with the club you used and how fast you swung

Customers Thoughts

By holding the number 2 position in  Golf course GPS unit sales in Amazon, it’s self-explanatory why this watch is super popular among users. Some users say it does a fantastic job than some expensive watches.

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

check details & Price

Garmin Approach S60

Garmin is a big name in the GPS Golf Watch market and with its incredible releases in the market. If you take your golf game seriously and thrive on features, s60 is a better, smart, versatile version of s20. This goes to a luxury golf watch category with it’s more than 300$ price tag. But the features make it worth it and the IT-watch of the generation.

Distance Covered

Playing on an unknown course is not a problem if you have Garmin s60 with you. Like s20, it comes with 40,000+ courses around the globe, specially U.S.Zoom in and out to view hazards and checks distances to anywhere on a hole using this device.  It quickly gets your location using GPS to show precise yardages to greens, Hazards each hole and doglegs on full-color course maps. It shows the standard yardages to the front, center, and back of the green. What if you want to do a defined shot? Do not worry! there’s a “green view” where the pin placement can be adjusted using the touch screen that detects slope.

Other Features

Record each club used, adjust scores for handicap, and keep playing partners using versatile formats. You can track your swings using the separate  TruSwing sensor that attaches to your club. It gives a range finder a fierce battle. Using a heart rate strap, you can use the luxury golf watch to monitor your pulse.

Garmen has included an editing option for the individual hole scoreboard, which the previous models didn’t have.

Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

Battery Life & Water Resistance

In GPS mode, it has 10 hours of battery life. That’s excellent. It can last up to 10 days of continuous use without GPS mode. It has 1g memory and history. From our research, we found out it takes 2.5 hours to recharge this device fully. Besides, it’s waterproof, just like S20.

Display & Quick Fit Bands

Sleek, stylish & modern, this watch has it all. As it is compatible with Quickfit compatible, you can change your s60 with a metal/leather/ silicon band. The round 1.2-inch touch screen is large enough to view in sunlight and weighs around 1.8-2.2 oz. It also supports

Wear It Outside

If you think this watch is only for golf, then surprise-surprise you can use this regularly in your day-to-day life. It isn’t pricey for just any reason. Skiing?Snowboarding?Rowing? Wear this watch anywhere and track your steps. Connect it through the Garmin golf app and share your scores.

Customers Thoughts

Garmin S60 is a Christmas wish list for golf lovers. It’s an expensive watch that exceeds users’ expectations.

Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display

check details & Price

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

You might already know about TecTecTec from their impressive laser rangefinders. But do you know they made a GPS golf rangefinder watch that has everything you need? It’s among the list of one of the best golf watches for beginners.

Easy & Simple

The first advantage of this g.p.s golf watch is that it’s beginner-friendly, and Learning to use the ULT-G Watch is uncomplicated. The TecTecTec Ult-G is powered by a rechargeable battery that powers up using a USB connection. After it’s fully charged, just push the satellite button & then select your course. It will show you a couple of course choices nearby with its preloaded 38,000 courses. Now, get ready to play the holes.  If you want to calculate the distances to hazards, find the middle button on the right & push it. It also provides you a range of the front/middle/back of each green.

Ult-G Features With Accuracy

Our research has shown us that ULT-G is just as good as any laser rangefinder, or we call it a g.p.s golf rangefinder watch. It just had a +/- 1-yard difference. It doesn’t give any wrong information. This affordable watch updates speed & rapidly adjusts the display so you can see the right yardage. You can use it to measure the distance of a shot, and it also has miles to hazards.

TecTecTec ULT G Golf GPS Watch

Smart Design

TecTecTec Ulta G has a Durable design, and it comes with a one-year warranty. I weigh 6.4 ounces making it super lightweight. This is also water and dust-resistant. You might need to recharge it after 2.5 rounds. TecTec also provides a lifetime high-class customer service with its 30-day money-back guarantee policy.


Don’t crush your golf dreams because you can’t afford the latest luxury g.p.s golf watch. You only have to pay for the Ulta-g. Any kind of extra subscription payment is not necessary. It does a decent job tracking distance under  100$ price.

No Extra Burden

Suppose you’re a beginner & you don’t understand how to function those extra features or don’t want so many features. This golf watch is the one for you.No extra drama. No battery life is draining for random features. Do you need to know that on the back 1/3 of the green, it slopes from right to left?  If the answer is no, then we’re clear why Ulta-g is the straightforward device.

Customers Thoughts

The Ulta -G is self-explanatory with its simple functions; it’s always on demand. Most users think it’s a win-win for them with the price tag. The fantastic accurate result amuses some users it provides just like a luxury g.p.s golf watch.

TecTecTec ULT G Golf GPS Watch

check details & Price

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

We know this might not be a g.p.s golf watch, but it’s one of the most selling golf rangefinders. Some of you might be still wanting a rangefinder, so we present to you Bushnell Phantom Golf GlargewingePS. Why this? Read the reasons below.

Convenient to Use

Turn the Phantom on, and within 30 seconds, it will find the courses near you and then select the correct one. After that, you will see the middle of the green yardage and the front and back distances below. As it’s that simple & secure with the display, it has become the most selling golf rangefinder. If you Push the middle ‘Select’ button on the left, it will bring up yardages to the nearest hazards by two at a time.

Preloaded Courses

About  36,000 plus preloaded courses from around 30 countries are pre-loaded in the Phantom. It can automatically pinpoint the course you’re on and move from hole to hole with you. This has five language settings: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Change it according to your need.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Battery Life & Design

The Phantom comes with its mini USB cable for recharging with a 10-hour battery life duration. There is an auto-off feature to save power if you forget to switch off the rangefinder. It’s lightweight & portable as it only weighs 1.8 ounces. The screen size is 2.3 x 2.3-inch size face. Are you worrying about style? Choose from the four color options. It’s water-resistant, not waterproof.

Bite Technology

Are you annoyed carrying rangefinders? Don’t worry. The back of the Phantom has a built-in magnet so  You can wear the device by using the included belt clip. See anything metal? Simply slap your Phantom onto any metal surface. It’s first of it’s kind. Proper maintenance will ensure the bite magnet remains undamaged. Please don’t leave it at extreme temperatures.

Free GPS Golf Watches App

Bushnell golf app comes with it without any extra fee or subscription. Using the app, you can  Get hole-by-hole layouts with distances in 3d and also 3d flyovers with front/center/back and hazard distances. It is only for wireless updates, so there is no facility for scoring or tracking club usage.

Customer Thoughts

People are drooling over the large display, and some say it is the major attraction of the device. The high rank in amazon proves that this rangefinder is popular.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

check details & Price

CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS 

Make sure to check out Canmore Golf GPS if you want an economical range grinder. Its facilities have made us pick this in our top 10 picks.

Smart Function

With Canmore’s smart features, you can easily manage your game. Suppose you want to find out any hazard, simply hold the lower right button for 3 seconds. The kidney shape will indicate a sand trap & the pool shape indicates a water hazard. Again if you press the upper right button, it’ll start measuring shot right from when you start walking to the ball. Canmore golf GPS also gives you the easy-to-access distance to the green (F/M/B), scorecard, and digital clock with alarm. You must leave the green and be at least 30 yards from the green center for the device to automatically display the next hole.

Preloaded course

This golf rangefinder has it all. Courses for nearly every country about 38000+ on Earth come preloaded in it. You can contact the seller/Canmore to add your wanted course. It will be added within 72 hours. Every result it shows is accurate.

CANMORE H 300 Handheld Golf GPS

Magnetic clip

The powerful magnet that comes with it lets you clip the CANMORE H-300 on your belt or pants pocket. Like the Phantom, you can also stick this into a metal surface. Just don’t forget where you hold it! It’s portable and lightweight. Can you imagine it weighs only 1.44 ounces?


Can’t see your g.p.s tracker amidst sunlight? The CANMORE H-300 features a white-on-black monochrome screen that remains easy to read even under the brightest sun. It’s also waterproof. The main Play Golf screen shows the hole number, Par for the hole. Recharge it quickly with a USB charger.


You can get a one-year warranty for Canmore Gps and industry-leading customer service. 

Customers thoughts

CANMORE H-300 is recommended for actually committing as it advertises. 

CANMORE H 300 Handheld Golf GPS

check details & Price

SkyCaddie LX5

Garmin S60, which was ruling the golf g.p.s market might have a fierce competitor. That is none other than Skycaddie LX5; a new luxury watch joined this June to the family. We know you’re eager to understand how it competes with Garmin S60. Just do us a favor and read below.

HD Display

The LX5 is SkyCaddie’s most powerful wearable GPS rangefinder watch now. It is like sky caddies’ SX500 but wearable. The color touch 1.39 screen large HD screen means that you can zoom and pan across the image of each hole to ensure the details and distances. LX5’s AMOLED display makes sure you see information on the screen in direct sunlight, and its water-resistant casing can handle any weather.

Distance accuracy

The LX5 includes IntelliGreen Pro that gives the exact shape of the green f along with front, carry and back distances. Its dynamic range view allows you to select the best club for your shot. To avoid any hazard, just zoom the screen with a single touch, and reveal the exact critical distance & safe zone information. Don’t worry, seeing the small numbers just tap the numbers & it’ll show numbers large. Put back those glasses because LX5 got your back.

SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Displays


A 3 Year Prepaid Worldwide Membership comes with his g.p.s golf watch to over 35,000 ground verified course maps. You can be confident in the accuracy of yardages displayed and not worry if a new course is unavailable when you arrive. Using the same “next-generation” technology, all the information you need to play your best golf is in this watch. 

Battery & mode

The rechargeable battery lasts over three days in time mode. If you want to use it as a regular smartwatch, you can simply change its displaying to time mode and select the style of time display.

Other features

Are you tired of manually keeping your score? Lx5  is a luxury GPS golf watch for a reason. It keeps track of your score digitally. Even offline  & online, analyze your performance in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud. Fitness tracker? Step Goal? Timer? You name it—this smartwatch offers you all.

Customer  thoughts

Released this June, LX5 doesn’t have many reviews from customers among this pandemic situation/. But the users who’ve bought it think it’s the best g.p.s golf watch and worth the high price.

SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display

check details & Price

Amba9 GPS Golf Watch

Looking for a multi-tasker watch but at an affordable rate? Amba9 golf watch is to your rescue. It’s one of the best golf watches for beginners.

Distance accuracy

Amba9 gives you accuracy by setting the pin position on the green of the current hole you are playing. It gives you a calculation of par and hole number, the distance to the hole pin.

Courses & mode

This affordable watch has preloaded about 36000+ courses. You can use it as a smartwatch by enabling watch mode and can also set alarms. But if you want your golf buddy back, simply switch it to golf mode.

Amba9 GPS Golf Watch

Battery & Design

You thought that’s it? Let us tell you it also comes with 12 Volvik Vivid mixed golf balls, five ball markers, and a display clip. Battery status shows on display & it can last 12 hours. The time and date displays in an analog or digital way, however, you want. With its 1.28 inch display, you can read anything.

Comfortable style

This device weighs 7.2 ounces and has a comfortable design, so it won’t bother you like other GPS watches while playing. If you like the rangefinder more, you might like this device.

Customer thoughts

Many have loved this g.p.s golf watch for its comfortable aspect. It’s a great value at such an affordable price.

Amba9 GPS Golf Watch

check details & Price

GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS Golf Watched

Looking at the display of your rangefinder every time can be annoying. Here where golf buddy voice two golf GPS comes to play & it is playing seriously.

Voice & Accuracy

The main attraction of this g.p.s golf watch is it reads out your distances loud at the press. There are five buttons on this device. The key switch is on the front of the display. The rest of the four buttons on the sides of the machine control the volume, activate the Voice, measure your shots with auto shot recognition technology., and change the display. The results are very accurate. Suppose you don’t want a voice than simply turn it off. That’s a beautiful add-on.


Golf buddy two is preloaded with 40,000 courses in over 170 countries. It’s got your back covered. Automatically it detects course and helps you play.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS


With 2+ rounds per USB charge, it can last up to 14 hours. The previous golf buddy has a 9-hour battery life, but golf buddy’s two batteries are more extended, meaning you can play without any interruption. It is also water-resistant.


This rangefinder doesn’t stop here; the 1’ displays show you real distances to the front, back, and center of the green. It has the standard Dynamic Green View technology that lets you have clear distance reading. You can also switch to time mode for regular use. Wear the rangefinder with a wristband, belt clip, retractable clip. It’s available in blue, pink & black color. You’ll also get a quick guide & warranty card. 

Golfbuddy manager program

GolfBuddy Manager Program gives you a free chance to update the Voice 2 to 11 language options and pre-loaded eight. Switch out the Voice 2 readouts to a male or female voice just as you like.

Customers thoughts

It does wonders for the price tag & people strongly recommend this GPS rangefinder watch for golf lovers.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS

check details & Price

Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch

Are you tired of rangefinders? We bring you one of the best GPS golf watches of today, and that is none other than Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch. Let’s check out the facts.

Mesmerizing Display

Close to the new Lx5, this golf rangefinder watch has a 1. 3” Full-color LCD touch screen display. The excellent dual Arc distance readings display distances to the front/center/back of the green hazards, and also hole Layout even in sunlight. Just touch the display and zoom on the green for a better look & even pin placement. The hazards screen shows all water and bunkers in the course.


Most golf g.p.s devices ask you for a fee for updating to new courses. But this smart GPS already comes Preloaded with 40, 000 courses in over 170 countries. Tap the display,  select “Play golf,” & it will find you multiple courses nearby. Then pick the appropriate course. To update your W10 courses, you don’t need any fee, just wifi & the Golfbuddy app via Bluetooth.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch aims


Do not freak out if it rains because W10 is massive rainproof. You can use it in any weather. It’s stylish & weights 4.00 ounces. Not that much of rocket science to use this luxury GPS watch. Auto hole recognition and digital scorecard help you to track, analyze & level up your performance. The pedometer feature, along with calories burnt on the same screen, works as a fitness tracker—the watch offers notifications from your phone via Bluetooth through their Golfbuddy app.


It has an 11-hour battery life in Golf mode that can last for up to 3 rounds of golf. It can be rechargeable via USB. Usually, at clock mode, the charge stays longer.

Customers thoughts

The W10 watch gives fierce competition to the Garmin S60 as a luxury GPS watch. People think it’s a worthy high-end watch. 

Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch aim

check details & Price

Izzo Golf Swami Watch Golf

Coming up to our last pick is none other than the IZZO Golf Swami watch. It offers you a lot of features at an economical price.


Like other golf, GPS Izzo Swami also has the capability to auto-recognize courses. It’s pre-loaded with 38,000 golf courses around the glove, and you don’t need to pay any extra subscription.


With Gps The battery life is between six to ten hours. You can go through one round in ten hours. It also means you will have to charge before you leave your house. 

Izzo Golf Swami Watch Golf GPS


The sleek & stylish design makes it wearable and super comfortable. It is so comfy you won’t feel that you wore anything on the wrist. It only weighs 3.5 ounces.


Golf mode or Hazard mode choose it according to your game. On golf mode, it gives you exact distances to the front, center, and back of the green. Showing hole number, par number time, and also yardage in one screen it will surely improve your game. When you switch to hazard mode, it will display accurate distances to sand, water, trees & doglegs.

Other features

Izzo Swami comes with a 1-year warranty & it’s water-resistant. With the shot distance feature, you can know precisely how you would pull a swing. Drop those pencils and log your score digitally on every hole.

Customer thoughts

The frequent five-star rating for this fantastic GPS golf watch indicates why it is one of the best GPS golf watches.

Izzo Golf Swami Watch Golf GPS

check details & Price

How does it function?

Like the conventional GPS, GPS golf watch or rangefinder uses the satellite to track the location. Your device is designed to pin your accurate location by sending signals, and that gets picked up by GPS satellites to locate you on course. Again data is transferred back to your device and recalculates to show the exact location on a hole. Using the same method, it also calculates manually pinned distance. But not every device has a manually pinned feature, and some will automatically countback,  & center of the green.

Is it legal to use any GPS golf device?

Does the most important question arise if it is legal to use any GPS golf device? According to USGA, there are some things that are not allowed.

The local U.S rule allows measuring devices such as laser rangefinders, smartphone apps & watches. But the PGA tournament doesn’t allow any kind of GPS golf device. Popular watches like Garmin S60, Skycaddie LX5 might have some extra features that are not legal in the golf game. Don’t panic; You simply need to avoid those during your game.

Slope Reading

 According to USGA, as this feature provides the degree of elevation of a shot that you are playing, it is not legal. This will also show you the actual yardage that can eliminate you from the game.

Contacting a Coach

Do not contact a coach or trainer during a round via GPS golf watch. That’s straight-up unethical.

The play’s Like Features 

Most devices collect your swing data and can give you club suggestions based on your swing history. Disable such features because enabling this feature might lead to elimination. 


You take your GPS golf watch to check the weather, but it also shows you wind speed. Stop it right there because checking wind speed is also illegal.

Just disable these features, and you are good to play.

Golf Rangefinders  VS Golf Watches?

If you are a beginner, you might get confused about the golf GPS market. What’s the best golf watch for beginners? What’s the best rangefinder for beginners? Are GPS golf watches better than rangefinders?

Stop! If you read this far, then just read a little more, we’re suggesting our facts to settle your mind. Both rangefinders and GPS units have become updated and modern over the years. Connect these via Bluetooth through the app, and you can get your course in no time. In the case of watches, it comes preloaded. It’s quite easy for the GPS golf watches to show you hazards. Most luxury golf watches even show HD displays of hazards. Though the technology has improved, some laser rangefinders find it hard to reveal hazards. Some feel uncomfortable wearing anything on the wrist while game; some might see a distraction to clip a rangefinder.

Battle of features 

Handheld devices win the battle on features as it has a large display and shows you more information. It’s more compatible with the smartphone.GPS golf watch does not lag, but it doesn’t fit all the features like a rangefinder. But it is wearable and convenient. It’s simple and can be used as a regular watch. Ultimately the decision goes to you, according to your comfort, budget & needs.


If you read to the end and are still confused about whether you should get a GPS golf watch, then all we have to say is that you are going to miss out on fantastic facilities that will boost your game. A GPS golf watch or a GPS can be the best gift for your golf-loving parent, partner, or yourself.

Now, We’re going to wrap up and finally tell you which GPS golf watches or rangefinders you should buy. Our smart pick is Garmin s60, no doubt, but the recent Sky caddie LX5 is also our favorite. Both are luxury golf watches to admire. However, if you are new or you want to give an affordable thanks-giving gift, then the Bushnell Phantom rangefinder is the one you should get. Now to buy a GPS golf device, you must keep a budget minimum of 100$. Garmin s20 is undoubtedly one of the best GPS golf watches for beginners in 2020.

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