VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset – Product Review 2021

Virtual Reality Headset

VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset

Are you looking for great VR goggles for your kids’ virtual trips? One that is convenient to use with your smartphones? Watch out for the VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset, to quench your thirst for the immersive experience at an affordable price.

Explore with Your Supported Devices

This VR Wear headset is meant to make your phone plunge deep into the amazing world of immersive visuals. You can watch 3D videos, 360-degree videos, play games, and make virtual trips. These VR glasses are compatible with all smartphones having a screen size of 4.5-6.5 inches. Now take your latest iPhone and Android experiences to a different level.

VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset goggles gear 3d VR

Great Quality

The VR Wear comes with great construction with the best materials that make it durable and comfortable. This comfort level is enhanced by its holes for ventilation and cables. So your lens won’t be foggy nor the phone will overheat with the great cooling system.

Comfortable to Wear

This VR glass comes with a face cushion made of leather. Also, the soft & elastic head strap alleviates pressure on the face and nose. Moreover, the VR goggles are pretty lightweight making it very much comfortable to let you experience the ultimate immersive virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Headset goggles gear


High-End Design

The VR Wear heads come with a semi-transparent lid for camera-augmented-reality-movies. It also has a convenient lens adjustment that has 4 directions separately for both the eyes. So you can adjust the IPD (interpupillary distance) and focal length. It also features the eye protected aspherical HD lenses having the maximum degree vision, for your ultimate immersive visuals. Be the actual performer and not just a mere performer with the enhanced field of views of these VR goggles.

VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset goggles gear 3d
Virtual Reality Headset, Goggles Gear, Google – 3D VR Glasses by VR WEAR VR 3D Box for Any Phone (iPhone 6/7/8/Plus/X & S6/S7/S8/S9/Plus/Note and All Android Smartphone) with 4.5-6.5″ Screen

Cooling System

The headset has a hole for an earphone or charger cable, a hole for ventilation, which is necessary for the smartphone not to overheat and the lens not to get foggy.

High-Quality And Functional Device!

The high-quality construction and use of the best materials give you absolute confidence in VR WEAR virtual reality accessories. You’ll definitely love the quality and functionality of our best VR headset. For the comfortable use of this virtual reality mask, there’s a hole for cables (earphones, charger), and a hole for ventilation, which ensures that your smartphone won’t overheat and the lens won’t get foggy.

Really Comfortable

VR glasses face cushion is made of soft leather. Soft and elastic head strap relieves the pressure on the nose and face.

Virtual Reality Headset goggle gear

Convenient Adjustment

Simply scan the QR code to configure the smartphone and also make adjustments with the interpupillary distance and focal length so that you get a clear vision and not a double vision. Please ignore the dizziness in the first few moments after wearing it. It has improved lens light transmission capability, and a 105-degree vision angle, so the high-quality big lense can give you a crystal clear image.

VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset
Virtual Reality Headset, Goggles Gear, Google – 3D VR Glasses by VR WEAR VR 3D Box for Any Phone

What Customers Say

This is a great VR google that comes with an amazing price tag. This VR set can complement the kids for their great learning curve. So let them discover the immersive world and enjoy it to the utmost.

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