What is Periscope and How To Use Periscope Glasses?

What is Periscope and How To Use Periscope Glasses

The developments in science and technology in recent days touch the peak of its height, which has given us such a useful instrument like periscopes which helps us to see the obstacle before anything happens. If you are wondering who might use the periscope glasses these days, well you will be amazed after reading through some of its most unique uses. Among popular uses are those in medical sciences – medical physicians used cystoscopes and endoscopes, which are also made of fiber optic periscopes. It helps to see the organs of a human body without any internal surgery. We have covered everything in the sections below – periscope definition, glasses definition, use of these devices, and some other useful information.

What Is Periscope?

Use Periscope GlassesA periscope is an instrument that is generally used to observe an obstacle or any object which is not in a direct line of sight. It is covered with an outer case that has mirrors at an angle of 45°. The mirrors are kept exactly parallel to the surface. A French engineer, Jules Carpentier, invented and designed the submarine periscope, which was used during World War II in tanks and armored vehicles, which helps to connect the direct link of sight. A periscope works with the help of laws of reflection of light. If any object is in the line of sight, the light reflects, making it visible in the periscope.

Structure of Periscope

The structure of periscopes is constructed with the help of a pair of flat mirrors. Sometimes, it is a prism and a rectangular hollow tube with a window that helps to view the object from the top and bottom of the tube. The mirror is at the two ends of rectangular hollow tubes and placed at the angle of 45°. The periscope is also used in the submarines to view all the circumstances going behind the submarine’s wall. Some submarines use complex periscopes made of prisms or advanced fiber optics instead of mirrors, which provide them with better magnification. With the help of the periscopes, obstacles between 9 and 26 meters in height can be seen.

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Uses of Periscope

In this advanced world of science, periscopes make life easier. The most used five uses of periscope are listed below to help you know its uses and advantages.

  1. Use of Periscope in Guns

The periscopes are used in guns for pointing and firing through the guns. This helps the fighter and army to get a proper and direct line of sight with the help of the periscope glasses, which work with the help of the law of reflection of light.

how to use Periscope Glasses

  1. Use of Periscope in Submarines

Periscopes are also used in submarines to know about the possible risk or obstacles coming towards them. For example, if any enemy submarines are heading towards the submarine or the sea mines in the navy are coming in the same direction. It is also used in submarines to detect the distance of a torpedo. This also helps to know the exact time of the attack.

  1. Use of Periscope in Nuclear Reactors

Periscope also serves its helpful uses to a nuclear reactor to keep the record of any chemical reactions which are taking place. At Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, a 10-meter long periscope is distinctly made for a nuclear reactor at the (IGCAR) in Kalpakkam and it is also known as the longest nuclear reactor in the world.

  1. Use of Periscope by The Militaries

The military uses these periscopes to observe the hiding position of the enemies. The only and main disadvantage of a periscope is that it can only be used by one person and not more than that. Nevertheless, this helps the military to spot the hiding place of the terrorists and the enemies, which cannot be observed or spotted through any other system.

  1. Use of periscope in other vehicles

The periscope is also severe it’s useful powers to the tanks and armored vehicles used during the war. Here, periscope glasses play a very important role. With the help of these periscope glasses, inspect the surroundings to keep alert all the time while fighting with the enemies.


Being an optical instrument, the periscope plays many important roles. It helps us to do many useful things which are not possible to do by our own hands. In the world of physics, these machines and objects provide outstanding services and extraordinary qualities to help us succeed. Mainly, the submarines use periscope glasses made with high technology that reflects light between themselves so they can see their upcoming threats. We have listed all the major information to clarify your doubts. Here you will find some important details which will help you to know more about periscope.

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